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Black Rice Batch #1

Black Rice Sake Batch #1
Finished koji grown on Black Rice - A regular batch was done at the same time to help make sure koji was complete.

More Pictures

Moto - added calrose sushi rice to previous addition of black rice koji, water and yeast nutrients

All stirred in.

A few days, rice is breaking down and various wild yeast/bacteria  (lacto) going to work acidifying and adding character.
Moto kept around 72F

Add the yeast on the now cooled wild ferment allowing the yeast to take over.
Moto was dropped to 47F for 30hrs before adding yeast.

Yeast addition Wyeast #4134 (#9 Strain) - Having dinner and getting busy.
Moto back to 72-74F.

Moromi - Start of 1st Addition Black Rice Koji - End of Moto 

Moromi - 1st Addition Cal Rose Sushi Rice
  Stirred in... 24hrs later...

2nd Addition - 6 Cups Rice steamed with waterCooled down and starting to dissolve a bit
 3rd day, some of the koji is floating up 2nd addition mixed in, about 2 gallons so far

 3rd addtion- last of the koji added after adding 2nd addition 3rd addition 24hrs later - 5lbs of rice, steamed and cooled 8qt bowl

 Before adding the last portion of water and rice, pretty active! 

Main ferment - last stirring.  On a piece of cooler foam, temperature
controlled to 54F.

My press is almost complete.  Working out where to add the drain
and the press plate is being fabricated.  It's a 3/4 hdpe circle with a
groove for an o-ring around the outside to fit snug inside the pot.
 Time to press.  Filter bag, star-san 1 gallon jugs and Sake. Fermentation complete.  Spent koji floating on top. #9 Foams!
  And .. stuck mess... Need better manifold at bottom of press...
Pasteurization and transfer, very coarse filtering 

CO2 bubbles making it look cloudy
The red line is 1.010 ... I would guess we are at 0.991 ~ 0.993