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Survey 1: Healthcare Providers

Survey 2: Home Birth

Survey 3: Unassisted Birth

Survey 4: Intuition in Birth

Survey 5: Childbirth Literature

Survey 6: Sexuality in Birth

Survey 7: Birthrape

Survey 8: Birth Attendants

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Which surveys should I complete?

Fill out as many surveys as you are interested in. You do not need personal experience with birth to complete these surveys--your attitudes and perceptions about these topics are important too.

If you are (or hope to be) a parent... you can fill out almost every one!

More specifically... 

If you have had an (attended) homebirth (or to share thoughts)... #2

If you have had an unassisted birth (or to share your thoughts)... #3

To share your favorite birth-related books, videos, authors, and websites... #5

If you have used your intuition or instincts at a birth... #4

If you are a physician, chiropractor, nurse, or other HCP... #1

If you attend births (as a midwife, doula, doctor, etc.)...#8

If you have ever given birth, attended births, or have thoughts to share about the sexual or sensual nature of birth... #6

If you, or someone you know, has experienced assault or violence during birth (sometimes called "birthrape")... #7

 Informed Consent

Please read the Informed Consent document about these surveys before you begin. It provides more information about this research project.