A New Look at Home Birth   

Make your thoughts heard--participate in my reserach project!

How can I participate? 

Welcome! I hope you will participate in my study about home birth. I am a PhD candidate in American Studies at the University of Iowa, investigating current home birth cultures, with a strong focus on unassisted birth. I am particularly interested in learning more about: 

  • The journey to home birth: what leads people to make this choice? 
  • Unassisted home birth (also called freebirth, unabirth, or UC)
  • The role of intuition and instinct in birth
  • New models or paradigms of childbirth created by home birthers
  • The sexuality and sensuality of birth (and conversely, sexual violence during birth)
  • Perceptions about home birth among the larger US population and medical profession
  • Favorite authors, videos, and websites of home birthers and attendants