Aryya Gangopadhyay 
Professor and Chair
Information Systems
College of Engineering and Information Technology, UMBC

1000 Hilltop Circle,
Baltimore, MD 21250
Tel: (410) 455-2620
Fax: (410) 455-1073
Email: gangopad AT umbc DOT edu


My research interest are in the areas of databases and data mining. My current research interests include privacy preserving data mining, spatio-temporal data mining, and data mining for health informatics.


Recent courses: The following are the courses that I have taught in the last one year or so. All of these are graduate courses.
  1. Introduction to Data Science.
  2. Introduction to Data Mining.
Past courses:  I have taught the courses below both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I am not teaching these courses currently.
  1. Computational Methods in IS Research.
  2. Advanced database projects
  3. Data mining and warehousing
  4. Database Management Systems.
  5. Electronic commerce
Independent studies:  I have supervised various independent studies, primarily to MS and PhD students. I have also supervised undergraduate independent studies from time to time.

MS thesis:
I am currently supervising one MS theses.

PhD dissertations: I have supervised eleven completed doctoral dissertations (two of them are co-mentored with another faculty).  I am (and have been in the past) on several other doctoral dissertation committees mostly in Information Systems and some in Computer Science.
    PhD Student news:
  1. Amir Karami joins the University of South Carolina as Assistant Professor after completing his PhD in August 2015. Congratulations Dr. Karami.
  2. Shaojian Zhu defends his PhD dissertation in April 2014. Shaojian is a software developer at Google.
  3. Xin Li joins Georgetown University as Assistant Professor after completing his PhD in 2011. Congratulations Dr. Li.
  4. Madhu Ahluwalia joins Harris Corp after completing her PhD in 2011. Congratulations Dr. Ahluwalia.
  5. Madhushree Banerjee joins Georgia Gwinnett College after completing her PhD in 2011.
  6. Michael P. McGuire joins Towson University as Assistant Professor after completing his PhD in 2010. Congratulations, Dr. McGuire.
  7. Pimwadee Chaovalit joins NSTDA, Thailand after completinh her PhD in 2009. Congratulations Dr. Chaovalit.
  8. Shibnath Mukherjee joins Microsoft India after completing his PhD in 2007. Congratulations Dr. Mukherjee.
  9. Navin Kumar joins Advisory Board Company after completing is PhD in 2006. Congratulations Dr. Kumar.
  10. Zhensen Hung joins FDA after completing his PhD in 2004. Congratulations Dr. Huang.
  11. Iftikhar Sikder joins Cleveland State University after completing his PhD in 2003. Congratulations Dr. Sikder. 
Pictures of graduated PhD students
  1. Iftikhar Sikder (now at CSU)
  2. Zhensen (Sam) Huang graduation
  3. Navin Kumar
  4. Shibnath Mukherjee
  5. Pim Chaovalit graduation
  6. Mike McGuire, Towson University 
  7. Madhu Ahluwalia, Harris Corporation
  8. Madhushri Banerjee (co-mentored with Zhiyuan Chen) graduation
  9. Xin Li, Georgetown University.
  10. Shaojian Zhu, Google, USA.
  11. Amir Karami, University of South Carolina.
  12. Rose Yesha, UMBC Health IT.
  13. Ibrahim Toure, CoStar Group.
  14. Song Chen, Mitre Corporation.
Recent Student publications:
  1. Song Chen successfully defends PhD dissertation, August 2017.
  2. Ibrahim Toure successfully defends PhD dissertation, August 2017.
  3. Rose Yesha graduates with PhD in Information Systems, May 2016.
  4. Amir Karami featured about his research.
  5. Madhu Ahluwalia's paper gets accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Services Computing.
  6. Rose Yesha presents at the ACM BCB workshop on Computational Health Science.
  7. Rose Yesha's paper published in proceedings of the IEEE/ACM HIBIBI 2015/ASONAM 2015 conference.
  8. Song Chen presents a paper in 2013 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics.
  9. Madhusri Banerjee publishes a paper in Distributed and Parallel Databases.
  10. Ibrahim Toure has a paper accepted in IEEE HST on A Method for Analyzing Terrorist Attacks.
  11. Song Chen publishes a paper in ICISTM 2012 on Detecting Healthcare Fraud through Patient Sharing Schemes.
  12. Ali Azari publishes a paper in iConference '12 on Clustered Service Rank in Support of Web Service Discovery .
  13. Matthew Molek has a paper in INCoS-2012on A Methodology for Ontology Evaluation using Topic Models .
  14. Mike McGuire has a paper in the 19th ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2011 on Characterizing Sensor Datasets with Multi-Granular Spatio-Temporal Intervals.
  15. Syed Mohammadi and Revathi Palanisamy publish a paper in Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, 4:3, 276-300, 2011.
  16. Pim Chaovalit publishes a paper in ACM Computing Surveys, 43:2, 1-37, 2011.
  17. Yu Fu publishes a paper in the ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 1:1, 1-20, December, 2010.
  18. Madhu Ahluwalia publishes a paper in ACM SAC 2011.
  19. Dhrubajyoti Mondal published a paper in Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Health Informatics Symposium (IHI 2010), 386-390.
  20. Madhushree Banerjee presented a paper in SKM 2010.