Aryya Gangopadhyay

Professor of IS,

Affiliate Professor, CSEE


1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250

Tel: (410) 455-2620 Fax: (410) 455-1073


Current Research:

  • Machine/Deep Learning

  • Cybersecurity Analytics

  • Smart and Connected Communities

  • Multi-modal data fusion

  • Ongoing Projects:

a) NSF HDR DSC- Click here to see the project webpage

b) NSF Rapid on COVID-19 - Click here to see the project webpage

Teaching Experiences:

Recent courses: The following are the courses that I have taught in the last one year or so. All of these are graduate courses.

  • Cybersecurity Analytics.

  • Deep Learning.

  • Machine Learning.

  • (co-teaches) BigData + HPC + Atmospheric Sciences

Past courses: I have taught the courses below both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I am not teaching these courses currently.

  • Computational Methods in IS Research.

  • Advanced database projects

  • Data mining and warehousing

  • Database Management Systems.

  • Electronic commerce

Independent studies: I have supervised various independent studies, primarily to MS and PhD students. I have also supervised undergraduate independent studies from time to time.

MS thesis: I am currently supervising one MS theses.

PhD dissertations: I have supervised sixteen completed doctoral dissertations (two of them are co-mentored with another faculty). I am (and have been in the past) on several other doctoral dissertation committees mostly in Information Systems and some in Computer Science.