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The St. Bernadette SCRIP program fiscal year runs from April 1 through March 31.


The St. Bernadette Home & School Association manages the program for the school.


Your SCRIP account number is the same as your St. Bernadette family number.  This number must appear on all orders you submit to ensure your purchases are accurately recorded.


SCRIP is being offered to promote the education of students in St. Bernadette Parish; therefore, the money collected toward your family account will only be paid to St. Bernadette, St. Mary, or Fisher Catholic.  Families with children in one of these Lancaster Catholic schools can receive 50% of the earned discounts in the form of tuition credits toward tuition expenses.  Tuition credits are applied annually, in May.


A summary of each participating family’s purchases and tuition credit will be provided quarterly.  Any discrepancies must be brought to our attention within 14 days of the statement date.


Families, whose youngest child graduates 5th grade in June, may choose to have the tuition credits applied to St. Mary Lancaster or tuition credits may be designated to another St. Bernadette school family or the Home & School Association.


The Home & School Association will retain the balance of any earned tuition credits not paid to a Lancaster Catholic school, the St. Bernadette Home & School Fund, or forwarded to another St. Bernadette school family.


The Home & School Association retains any temporary increases in earned discounts to help defray overhead expenses.


Payment must be received with orders.  Checks are preferred as payment for all SCRIP purchases.  Checks should be made payable to St. Bernadette Home and School Association (SBHS).


If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), you will be charged all related bank charges payable in cash to St. Bernadette Home and School Association.  After two NSF checks are tendered your SCRIP purchasing privileges will be limited to cash only.


SCRIP purchases are not tax deductible since you receive dollar for dollar value for your purchases.


All completed order forms are due by Monday at 8:30 am to your child’s teacher, the school office, or on-line.  This deadline is to ensure your order is filled during that same week; otherwise the order will fall into the next order period.


The SCRIP Registration form must be signed prior to SCRIP being sent in the mail or released with your child.  Forms will be kept on file.  SCRIP is the same as cash and should be handled accordingly.  Neither St. Bernadette Home & School Association nor St. Bernadette School or Parish will be responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced certificates or cards following purchase.  All Sales are final.


SCRIP will only be mailed with a signed release on file and if you provide a self addressed stamped envelope.


SCRIP will only be sent home with a signed release on file for students in grades 1-5.  Pre-school and Kindergarten families should pick up orders in the school office or after weekend masses.


When you receive SCRIP certificates please verify its accuracy.  For pick up in the school office, your signature on the weekly order pick up list indicates you have received your order in its entirety.  If you should find a discrepancy in your order, please contact the SCRIP Coordinator within 2 days at scripstb@yahoo.com.

St. Bernadette SCRIP Registration Form


Please complete and return entire form prior to or with your first order.


Parent Full Name: __________________________________________


Child’s Name: _____________________________________________


Your Address: _____________________________________________


            City: _________________________ State: _____ Zip: _________


Phone: Home: __________________   Cell: _______________________


Email: ___________________________________________________


Direct My Tuition Credits To:


____ St. Bernadette Tuition Scholarship Fund

                Family Name/Number _________________________________


____ St. Mary Tuition Scholarship Fund

                Family Name________________________________________   


____ FCHS Tuition Scholarship Fund

                Family Name________________________________________


____ St. Bernadette Home & School Association


____ St. Bernadette Home & School Scholarship Fund


____ St. Bernadette Parish


Delivery Instructions:


Please circle how you would like to receive your orders:


After Mass       Mail       School office      Kid Mail - Child’s grade___________

(Mail requires a self-addressed stamped envelope & kid mail grades 1-5 only)



I authorize SCRIP volunteers to release my gift cards/certificates in the manner named above.  I will not hold St. Bernadette School, Parish, or the Home and School Association responsible for gift cards/certificates that are lost, stolen, or misplaced following purchase and once released.  I understand there will be no refunds or exchanges once orders have been placed. 

I have read and accept the SCRIP program rules and guidelines on the back of this page and I am ready to participate in the SCRIP program.



Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________________