Oxygen4Energy; Portable Fitness Supplement to Enhance Workouts



Each Oxygen canister is 4 liquid ounces that equals 4 liters of compressed and enriched (95%) oxygen. Each canister dispenses between 50-60 uses.

Cost is $15 and shipping is free.

As you inhale the product through your mouth, you only need one pump from the canister. Take a deep breath, hold it for a second then exhale. Using larger amounts of oxygen will only be wasted as your lungs can only absorb so much oxygen and your bloodstream can only absorb little amounts at a time. Suggested first time use is 5-10 inhales.

Benefits include a reduction of stress and fatigue, hangover relief, increased endurance, great to use while hiking or biking and great for seniors.

Does canned oxygen expire?
No. The FDA has directed that expiration dating stamps are not to be applied to pressure cylinders filled with oxygen, thus indicating that oxygen (O2) is safe, stable, and does not expire.


Hangover ReliefStress Relief

Brain Relief and Athletes

SeniorsAltitude and Skiing

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FAQ's/Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oxygen4Energy safe?

Yes. All research indicates that oxygen toxicity only occurs after breathing virtually pure oxygen for hours at a time. Each can of Oxygen4Energy contains approximately one minute of continuous flow oxygen per can, is not delivered at over 99% purity and is typically administered in several short bursts. There is no research indicating that short bursts of oxygen can be detrimental to your health. In addition, Oxygen4Energy does not have an airtight delivery system, so even though the cans contain 95% oxygen, that is not even close to what you are getting in your lungs.

Is Oxygen4Energy approved by the FDA?

Oxygen4Energy is not a medical drug and thus is not approved by the FDA. Oxygen4Energy is for recreational use only and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Medical oxygen is not used in the production of Oxygen4Energy. In addition, none of the statements made on our website have been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

Can I become addicted to Oxygen4Energy?

No! Oxygen is a natural element with no side effects and no chemically addictive tendencies.

Can Oxygen4Energy be used medically?

Absolutely not. Oxygen4Energy is NOT FOR MEDICAL USE and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Always consult your physician before taking any supplement products. PLEASE NOTE: Oxygen4Energy should not be used if you have: asthma, lung or heart ailments without approval from your medical doctor.

Will I see an effect as soon as I use it?

It depends on your body’s condition at the time. Did you just wake up from a restful sleep or did you just finish working out for 90 minutes? The more your body is oxygen deficient, the more beneficial effect the supplemental oxygen will have.

How much do I need to use per session?

If you are getting drowsy or falling asleep while driving, all you may need to make you alert and awake is several breaths. If you just finished jogging or woke up with a bad hangover, you may want to use much more. There are no global answers. Since everyone’s body is different, everyone will react a little differently. Taking just a few breaths here and there will usually not result in any noticeable results.

I used Oxygen4Energy and did not feel a difference... Does that mean I am immune to the benefits?

Not necessarily.  It usually just means that you didn't use enough for your body and your specific situation. Keep using more until you do start to notice the difference. When it comes to oxygen supplementation, everyone needs to establish their own dosage requirements. It is really important to note that Oxygen4Energy does not work like other energy product because it does not involved stimulants or sugars. Typically, you just notice that you feel good, your mind is more clear and alert, and that physical exertion becomes easier. WithOxygen4Energy, there is no nervous energy, jitters or crashing to deal with.

Can I transport Oxygen4Energy on an airplane?

Due to the nature of airline security, Oxygen4Energy is not allowed to be carried on board commercial aircraft.

Is Oxygen4Energy good for Sports and Fitness?

Definitely YES! In fact, sports and fitness enthusiasts are our best customers! Regardless of your sport or fitness goals, oxygen can help you improve your physical performance and get more out of your training!

Can Oxygen4Energy really help my hangover?

Oxygen is needed to break down alcohol in the body. Increasing your oxygen intake can curb and eventually reverse the rising blood alcohol level from drinking. Many Japanese doctors conclude that inhaling oxygen is the best (and fastest) way to overcome a hangover. For best results with hangover, we recommend taking some oxygen before you go to sleep and in the morning if symptoms still exist.

Can Oxygen4Energy help me lose weight?

Oxygen4Energy is not a weight loss product. However, since supplemental oxygen can help make exercise easier, Oxygen4Energy may be helpful when trying to lose weight through exercise. If using Oxygen4Energy allows you to exercise longer and more intensely, in theory, you should be able to lose weight faster because you will be burning more calories. Just using Oxygen4Energy without exercise will not burn extra calories or cause weight loss.

Can Oxygen4Energy help improve my sex life?

Oxygen4Energy is not a sexual enhancement product. However, since supplemental oxygen can help make physical exertion easier, we have many customers who do report that it helps improve their sex life by giving them more physical endurance during sex.

How do I know when the can is empty?

We do not have a liquid or propellant in our cans (they only contain oxygen and ambient air) so unfortunately you can’t shake the can to see how much is left, like other aerosol products. The only true way to tell when the can is getting low or empty, is the flow pressure. When there is no more flow, the can is empty.

The can is so light, how do I know it’s full?

All cans are quality control tested for pressure and operable before they leave our facilities. Unfortunately, there is no economical way to add a full/empty indicator on the cans.

Why should I buy Oxygen4Energy when I can get oxygen for free?

The oxygen percent in the air you breathe is nowhere near as high as what our products offer. You are actually breathing a maximum of 21% oxygen at any given time from the atmosphere. According to Dr. Kaufmann of the Hyperbaric Therapy Centers of Northern California, breathing in pure oxygen will give you 10 times as much oxygen as breathing just air. Oxygen4Energycontains 95% oxygen enriched air… you do the math.