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There are many misconceptions about mental health issues. Some don’t realize that these often come about because of a problem within the brain. This happens when some of the chemicals needed for feeling good or for stable thinking are blocked. Bouts [...]

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Health care has become a major issue for most Americans. Costs are skyrocketing, many of us do not have health care coverage and a visit to the doctor can prove both costly and unfruitful. The typical medical doctor has spent about eleven years in co[...]

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Most people have a pretty clear image in their head when they think about nurses. To them, nurses are the people who come in to take your temperature when you are in the doctors office. They are usually more friendly and familiar than the doctor, and[...]

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Some people were just born to be in medicine. They are compassionate, empathetic and love knowing they are making a difference in the life of someone who isn’t feeling well. It’s difficult to imagine what the world would be like without doctors and n[...]

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Medical science and research has done a great deal to extend the lives that we live and also to improve the quality of our lives. There are many diseases and disorders from the past that no longer exist today because of the research and preventative [...]

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While we hope and pray that we remain healthy for our families, there are things that can happen both at work and during personal time. Accidents are often the cause of disability, but things like progressive medical conditions can also lead to probl[...]