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Murillo: Spanish-sounding Yet Filipino

Murillo is a Spanish surname. The most notable Murillo in history is Bartolome Esteban Murillo, the Spanish baroque-style painter. Nonetheless, this site is not intended to make art commentaries on the works of Bartolome Esteban Murillo. The Murillo that I am referring to is not of Spanish descent. This site is specifically devoted to the Filipino Murillos -- the Bicolano Murillos, particularly the Murillos of Camarines Sur and Naga City. This is the Murillo clan where I belong.

Like many Filipino surnames, the Murillo surname is an adopted surname. Hence, it is not unusual for many Filipinos to have the same surnames but diferrent genealogical trees. Adopting a surname was an imposition of the Spanish regime that once ruled our country. I am proud of my surname although it is not derived from truly Filipino roots.

This site will serve as a tribute to all the Murillos of my clan either by merit of consanguinity or by consequence of birth. I will give particular focus on the Murillos who are dear to me. I will also give attention to other families who are closely affiliated with the Murillo clan.

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