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Work Experience

Research associate and postdoctoral scholar at the University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute (ISI)

- "Tracking Individual Performance with Sensors", Study of job performance and mental health in work environment using physiological signals

- Observational study of users to draw inferences about trolling/aggression triggers in online communities 

  • Data collection, designing survey for labeling and classification of comments in a semi-anonymous social network
  • Applying statistical tools to infer the cause of anti-social behavior and the effect of “anonymous posting features”

Data Scientist– Danaher Labs, Sep 2015 – April 2017 

- Leading the project with a small team of 2-3 data scientists 

- Applying machine learning, statistics and data analysis techniques within Business Intelligence vertical.
  • Customer attrition prediction

- Applying machine learning, statistics and data analysis techniques within Internet of Things (IoT) vertical. 

  • Predict machine failure
  • Anomaly detection in time series
  • Device lifetime prediction 

- Providing an overview of data science and predictive analytics in variety of industries by holding Boot camps for Danaher Corporation employees. At the end of this boot camp, attendees will:
  • Be able to identify the power of data that helps understand voice of customer, provides insight to improve product reliability, and leads to monetization. 

  • Be familiar with several data science techniques backed up by on-site training examples/practice and illustrative use cases. 

  • Appreciate the applications of data science in different industries. 

Research Assistant at CU Boulder
· Extracting pattern of cyberbullying behavior and 
 designing classifier for automatic cyberbullying detection, 2013-2014.
· Designing a survey and labeling cyberaggression/cyberbullying media-sessions in Instagram, 2014-2015.
· Web crawling and text mining using Python, 2014.
· Feature extraction and image matching with “urban image localization” application, 2013.
· Distributed Gesture Recognition using k-NN clustering algorithm on Cyberphysical Systems, 2012-2014.
· A survey on automatic cyberbullying and fake profile detection using Machine Learning approaches, 2012-2013. 

Research Associate at University of Tehran

· A survey on Mobile Value Added Services, summer and fall 2010.
· A research project on wireless sensor platforms, WMC laboratory, spring-summer 2009 and 
winter 2010.
· A research project on signal detection in CDMA wireless network in WMC laboratory, including 
works on code acquisition, channel estimation, MUDs summer-fall 2008.
· Research Engineer at Kavosh Com Asia R&D group,
· Mobile ad hoc network modeling using MATLAB-OPNET co-simulation, fall 2009.
· Evaluating effect of IEEE 802.11b PHY layer modeling in MATLAB and OPNET, fall 2009.
· Rician fading channel modeling for WLAN in OPNET, fall 2009.

• Working in Kavosh Com Asia R&D group, on Mobile Ad Hoc Network, fall 2009.

• Working in ITRC (Iran Telecommunication Research Center), on Quality of Service of UMTS, spring 2009.