I  am  research  associate  at  ISI/USC  at  the  time.  I  also contribute as a researcher at the CU CyberSafety Research Center.  I  received  my  PhD in  Computer Science from the University   of    Colorado    Boulder  and   joined    Danaher Corporation in 2015 as Data Scientist at Danaher Labs. 

My interests  lie  in the area of computational  social science
and  data  mining. I  am  particularly  interested in the use of samll/large-scale datasets and machine learning techniques 
to study  problems  with  human  behavior,  misbehavior and cyberbullying. My  recent  work has focused on study human behavior  and  well-being  in  work space. Also I am studying triggers  of  cyberaggressive  behaviors  in semi-anonymous social  networks.  My  past   work  also   addressed   various questions toward understanding cyberbullying in online social networks.

Email: homa.hosseinmardi@colorado.edu