Random jottings on the musical career of M.S. Subbulakshm

These are some random jottings on the musical career of mywife M. S. Subbulakshmi which I thought I could share with closefamily friends. There is nothing new here, but looking back on thelast twenty five years, I realised that her achievement as a musician has acquired dimensions,- almost embarrasing for me to describe., but worth taking note of. I feel a little self-consciousputting pen to paper on a subject-so close to me, but as I said, itis a record for close relatives and intimate friends who I feel sure,will forgive me for any minor indiscretions in in it
it.Kalki Buildings
T Sadasivam

MS..She is not a mere singer with golden voice. though age took its toll inevitably in her later years. Her life is her message. Whatever finer values , our motherland has , she personified.

Suffice it to say, Dr.Kalaam considered her as one of his mothers .

She was the embodiment of secular values.
 Above all else, she was the only classical singer from Tamilnadu, who reached out and touched the hearts of millions across our motherland, be it karnataka, andhra, bengal, rajasthaan, uttarpradesh, Punjab. This way, she exemplified NATIONAL INTEGRATION.

Deeply religious, she understood the essence of all religions. without being a pseudo-secularist and puerile atheist. She crossed all language, religion and regional barriers. Be it CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, SIKHISM , she had devotees from all groups.
 Above all else, she symbolized the Culture and traditions of INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS....

No other artiste of her generation had that honor to be known outside the boundary of tamilnad , and boundary of carnatic music. She successfully blended Carnatic classical and Hindusthani ragams and won the blessings of Ustads like Alladia Khan,, Bade Gulam Ali Khan and  great  admiration from Amjad Ali Khan, the Sarod mastero  and  Pandit Ravishankar, the Sitar mastero. .

She gave her all to charity and lived a graceful but simple life.

 Let not petty braggers boast of their scholarship. She was among the very rare species in tamilnad who could read 'grantha lipi'!.... this is her centenary year and this site is my humble homage to  her  genius.

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