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Jacob Hardy / holzkopf
Curriculum Vitae


2002 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Saskatchewan
2008 - Bachelor of Education, Arts Education, University of Alberta

Administrative Work

2007 - Director of Annual May Week Labour Arts Festival All Ages Event, Edmonton, Canada
2007 - Grant Writer/Director of "New Folk: Saskatoon and Osaka," a CD compilation exploring global experimental music trends by juxtaposing work of audio artists from Osaka, Japan and Saskatoon, Canada

Residency Programs

2004 - Paved Art and New Media, Saskatoon, Canada
2010 - Les Pixels Transversaux, Sevres, France
2013 - Hammock Residency, Vancouver, Canada

Selected Exhibitions

2007 - "Apples and Oranges" - multimedia installation in collaboration with Shelley Paley, Works Festival, Edmonton, Canada
2009 - "The Horse's Rule" - multimedia collage installed at Remedy Cafe, Edmonton, Canada
2010 - "Foreign Heroin" - a/v collage screened at Le Generale En Manufacture, Sevres, France
2010 - "Foreign Heroin" - a/v collage screened at Blim, Vancouver, Canada
2011 - "Foreign Heroin" - a/v collage screened at SoundFjord Gallery, London, England
2011 - "Vintage Sexual Moves" - silent video collage screened with live solo audio performance at Montreal Fetish Weekend, Montreal, Canada
2012 - "Vintage Sexual Moves" - silent video collage screened at Psychic Pornography, held at the Waldorf, Vancouver, Canada

Selected Audio Works

solo under the name "holzkopf"

2001 - "Music for New Systems" - CD, Little Fury Things, New York, USA
2001 - "Only a Bad Harvest Can Save Us" - CD, Dainty Deathy Recordings, Castlegar, Canada
2001 - "Lungs and Other Organs" - MP3, Notype, Montreal, Canada
2004 - "This CD is an Apology" - CD, Dainty Deathy Recordings, Castelgar, Canada
2007 - "Iron Stars Still Shine" - MP3,, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 - "Thank God For Soft Times and Hard Beats" - CD, Little Fury Things, New York, USA
2008 - "Pure Bliss, No Earth" - 12", Eskaton Industries, Calgary, Canada
2009 - "Credit Card Ache" - MP3, Panospria, Vancouver, Canada
2009 - "High Level" - CD, Wintage Records & Tapes, Toronto, Canada
2010 - "holzkopf / Puh Quh Split" - Cassette, Toztizok Zoundz, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 - "Sharp Like a Broken Bone" - CD, Attenuation Circuit, Augsburg, Germany

012 - "Sober Materials 1-7" - Various Media, series of 7 self released CDs, Cassettes and DVDs

2012 - "Papa Don't Think Nothing/Mama Don't Say Nothing" - CD, Isolated Now Waves, Vancouver, Canada
2012 - "Child of the 90's" - MP3, Ramshackle Day Parade, Edmonton, Canada
2012 - "I Want to Be Nancy Sinatra" - Cassette, Brian's Tape Label, Montreal, Canada
2012 - "Trespassing" - CD and Cassette, Attenuation Circuit, Augsburg, Germany
2013 - "RIP Roy G Biv" - MP3, No Disco Records, Japan
2014 - "Brutalist Mantras" - Cassette, Third Type Tapes, Paris, France
2014 - "Holzkopf / Mindkontrolultra Split" - 12", Red Gate Recordings, Vancouver, Canada

selected compilation and film/video soundtrack contributions

2002 - "Hagenbeck Zoo" and "Separating Oxygen" on Alphaform - CD, Psychonavigation, Dublin, Ireland
2002 - "Dermal Tone" on "Dagridazione Digitale" - MP3, Microsuoni, Rome, Italy
2003 - "Nicht Gekehrt Worden Sind" and "For Certain" used in the soundtrack for the feature length film, "Magnum Opus"
2004 - "No Depression Radio" on Recycle Artificial Intelligence - CD, PAVED Art and New Media, Saskatoon, Canada
2006 - various sound clips used for "It Can Happen Here," a feature length video by Jonathan Culp
2007 - "Une Fee Vs. Gaki: the Morning After" on Princesse Rotative Remixes - CD, Les Diks Qui Sautent, France
2007 - "Over the Deathbringer Stars (Remix)" on "Different Knots of Ropelove" - CD, Echo Records, Tallinn, Estonia
2008 - "The Old Life" on "Saved by Saskatoon" - 12"/CD, Saved By Vinyl, Calgary, Canada
2012 - "Hippy Fucker Edit" on "Rhythmic Homicide" - CD, Severed Digit Recordings, Vancouver, Canada

selected works as part of ensembles

2008 - "Sunshine Girls" - MP3, as part of The Fawkes, Panospria, Vancouver, Canada
2009 - "Hey, Hey, My, My, Acid House Will Never Die" - CD/MP3, with Roy Gary Biv, Here's My Card Records, Toronto, Canada
2010 - "Fucked Up Scenario" - MP3, as part of Italian Husbands, Panospria, Vancouver, Canada
2012 - "Sharp Tongue" - MP3, as part of Psychic Tuberculosis, Ramshackle Day Parade, Edmonton, Canada