Holzkopf is Western Canadian musician Jacob Audrey Revington Taves.  While they have been active under various names and in various projects since 1997 (STD, Distal Magg, Titanarum, others), the first album using the Holzkopf name was released in 2001 on Canadian label Dainty Deathy Recordings.  Over years of recording and performing, Holzkopf has explored microsound compositions, (almost) slapstick collage, deep ambient music, gospel influenced industrial electronics, harsh noise dub and fast paced cut-up dance music.  A decidedly non-traditional musician, they have mainly used budget bin samplers and drum machines in combination with tape recorders, mixing board feedback and raw data sounds.  Holzkopf’s recent performances draw as much from experimentalists like Coil and Nurse With Wound as they do from the dub science of Lee “Scratch” Perry and the blown out aesthetic of Mainliner or Melt Banana.  Part ritual, part dub and jungle influenced dance music, part freeform experimentation.  

Since their first album (Only a Bad Harvest Can Save Us), Holzkopf released a second full-length CD with Dainty Deathy Recordings (This CD is an Apology), an LP with Eskaton Industries (Pure Bliss, No Earth) and has been featured  on 7" and 12" split records put out by Red Gate Recordings.  In addition, Holzkopf has countless limited edition recordings on labels throughout North America and Europe (such as Third Type Tapes in Paris, Attenuation Circuit in Augsburg, Wintage Records and Tapes in Toronto and others).  Holzkopf also self-releases work in an ongoing series named "Sober Materials."  There have been 8 volumes to date on CD, DVD and cassette.  

Holzkopf has shared bills with Merzbow, DJ Olive, William Hooker, Venetian Snares, John Oswald, Knurl, Alan Moore, Richard Bishop, Freida Abtan, Scanner, Chris Corsano, Keiji Haino, Emil Beaulieau, Botborg, Sam Shalabi, Foxdye and many others.  They have performed at events and festivals such as the Boreal Electro-Acoustic Music Society concert series (Edmonton, Canada), the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Vancouver New Music Festival, Big Joy (Vancouver, Canada), SOTU (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 4D (Chichibu, Japan), DRMK Noise Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Blue Monday (Mexico City, DF), Body Machine Body (Tallinn, Estonia), Lab30 (Augsburg, Germany) and Angura (Vancouver, Canada) among others.  They have also performed at spaces such as the London Music Hackspace (London, England) and the Danish Institute for Electro-Acoustic Music (Aarhus, Denmark).  In between appearances at festivals and regular events Holzkopf does the touring grind.  They have played hundreds of concerts on farms and under bridges as well as in squats, bars, theaters, galleries and houses over several tours of Europe, Canada and Japan and on excursions to the USA and Mexico.  

In addition to solo music, Holzkopf often collaborates with percussionist John Brennan (aka Botfly) in the "Botfly & Holzkopf Duo," and with Trevor Rutley in "Italian Husbands."  They have released collaborative albums with German drone artist, Emerge, and with fellow Canadian Eamon McGrath (as The Fawkes).  Between 2013 and 2016, they played guitar in 3-piece no-wave band, "Other Jesus." 

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