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Movie Title :The Book of Eli

After a rough discussion among mercenaries and the crew on Moya, they finally agree and descend. But nothing is going like planned by Stark: the Vocarian's smell is much worse than his female's one, the Seyang cannot breath fire and Zenetan Pirates use the Flax against Moya. However the unexpected appearance of Talyn helps them to finally get themselves and Crichton out of there. Only that Crichton hardly wanted it any more, almost subdued by the neural clone of Scorpius who is buried under depository ruins. They are rich now but Rork and Teurac sacrificed themselves, Moya is gravely injured and Crichton is hardly controlling himself, asking D'Argo to kill him, so Rygel is the only one happy aboard.

Year : 2010

Genres : Action Adventure Drama Western

Rating [imdb] : 7.10

Some will kill to have it. He will kill to protect it.

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Actors : Denzel Washington=Eli Gary Oldman=Carnegie Mila Kunis=Solara Ray Stevenson=Redridge Jennifer Beals=Claudia Evan Jones=Martz Joe Pingue=Hoyt Frances de la Tour=Martha Michael Gambon=George Tom Waits=Engineer Chris Browning=Hijack Leader Richard Cetrone=Hijacker Lateef Crowder=Hijacker / Construction Thug Keith Davis=Hijacker Don Tai=Hijacker (as Don Theerathada) Thom Williams=Hijacker Lora Martinez-Cunningham=Young Woman Hijacker (as Lora Martinez Cunningham) Scott Wilder=Middle-Aged Man Heidi Pascoe=Middle-Aged Woman Jennifer Caputo=Biker

Directors : Albert Hughes Allen Hughes

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