quotes on the mass

        "The Holy Mass is a prayer itself, even the highest prayer that exists. It is the Sacrifice dedicated by our Redeemer at the Cross, and repeated every day on the altar. If you wish to hear Mass as it should be heard, you must follow with eye, heart, and mouth all that happens at the altar. Further, you must pray with the priest the holy words said by him in the Name of Christ and which Christ says by him. You have to associate your heart with the holy feelings which are contained in these words and in this manner you ought to follow all that happens on the altar. When acting in this way you have prayed Holy Mass."  
        "Don't pray at Holy Mass, but pray the Holy Mass." 
                                                             His Holiness, Pope Saint Pius X

        "I am of the opinion that the old rite should be granted much more generously to all those who desire it. It's impossible to grasp what could be dangerous or unacceptable about that. A community that suddenly declares that what, until now, was its holiest and highest possession is strictly forbidden makes the longing for it seem downright indecent, calls its very self into question."
                                                            Salt of the Earth, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger 
                                                            (later Pope Benedict XVI), 1997

        "...we ought to get back to the dimension of the sacred in the liturgy. The liturgy is not a festivity; it is not a meeting for the purpose of having a 

good time. It is of no importance that the parish priest has cudgeled his brains to come up with suggestive ideals or imaginative novelties. The liturgy is what makes the Thrice-Holy God present amongst us; it us the burning bush; it is the Alliance of God with man in Jesus Christ, Who has died and risen again. The grandeur of the liturgy does not rest upon the fact that it offers an interesting entertainment, but in rendering tangible the Totally Other, Whom we are not capable of summoning. He comes because He wills. In other words, the essential in the liturgy is the mystery, which is realized in the common ritual of the Church; all the rest diminishes it. Men experiment with it in lively fashion, and find themselves deceived, when the mystery is transformed into distraction, when the chief actor in the liturgy is not the Living God but the priest or the liturgical director." 
                                                            Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI),
                                                            Address to the Bishops of Chile, given 13 July, 1988 

 “If angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion.” 
                                                            St. Maximillian Kolbe