Who can be baptised at Holy Trinity?

Your child can be baptised at Holy Trinity if you live in the parish, as long as at least one of the parents has been baptised. Before the baptism can take place, we will spend some time with you and the Godparents explaining what baptism means and helping you to understand the promises you will make in the service. If you do not live in the parish, but live locally, we will still be happy to baptise your child if you have a particular connection with Holy Trinity or a genuine reason for wanting the baptism here. Before we can arrange this, you need the permission of the Vicar of the parish where you live. You should either obtain a letter from your parish Vicar or arrange for him/her to telephone or email the Vicar at Holy Trinity to confirm consent.

What do I have to do?

Having your child baptised is a big commitment, and involves some big promises. We want you to understand what it is you are doing, so that you can decide whether you can make the promises honestly. As your child is to be welcomed into the church family, it is important that you find out what the family is like. We ask you to come to at least two Sunday services before we arrange a date for the baptism. Our main services are at 9:30am and 11:15am on Sunday morning. The 9:30am service is usually either Morning Praise or Communion. The 11:15am service is usually either an informal All Age Service or Communion. Children are welcome at all services and there is a crèche area at the rear of the church where parents can take small children if they are restless. There are groups for children aged 2-11 in the church hall during part of the 11:15am service. To find out more about the services, click here.

When will the Baptism be?

You can choose to have your child baptised in a main morning service, which means the whole church family will be able to take part. As far as possible we will fix a date to suit you, but we cannot usually conduct baptisms when the main service is Communion (because it makes the service too long) or when there are major festivals (Christmas and Easter) or other special events. Alternatively you can opt for an afternoon baptism service. We hold these occasionally at 3pm on Sunday - it depends on demand, and we usually avoid holiday periods. In either event, you should be aware that there might be several baptisms conducted at the same time. For further information and to arrange a baptism please contact us.