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The EU: In or Out? Debate Report and Christian Reflection

posted 15 Jun 2016, 09:38 by John Goldring   [ updated 15 Jun 2016, 09:51 ]

In or Out Debate Report

The EU Referendum. Maybe the biggest single issue in UK politics for a generation. You may think you've heard enough about it already or perhaps you've been hoping for some respectful and informative input to help you decide. If so - here it is, together with some Christian reflections on the subject.

Last week Love Black Country (the new name for The Black Country Net) hosted a debate involving four local MPs on the referendum. Richard Merrick, our vicar, was there and reports that 'They debated openly, concisely, with due respect both for one another and their audience. It was all very civilised and informative.'

For reports of the debate go to Love Black Country Debate Report you will find there:
  • The EU: IN or OUT? DEBATE REPORT. This includes the main questions asked and the four MPs' answers that were given during the four-hour debate. This will only take about 10 minutes to read and is well worth it.
  • Two audio recordings of the entire debate itself.
  • Robert Mountford's brilliant reflections from a Christian perspective which he shared at the end of the meeting last Friday.

You may also like to use this Prayer for the Referendum Campaign produced by the Church of England:

God of truth, give us grace to debate the issues in this referendum with honesty and openness.

Give generosity to those who seek to form opinion and discernment to those who vote, that our nation may prosper and that with all the peoples of Europe we may work for peace and the common good; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.


You can read more about Love Black Country on their blog.