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How to Lead Small Groups short course

posted 31 May 2016, 08:55 by John Goldring

Small group

Do you lead a small group, home group, Bible study or Lent group? Have you ever led such a group? Have you thought you might like to have a go? Or maybe you are just interested in how leading a group works?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions you are invited to our new short course on how to lead small groups. The course is presented by Dr Lindsey Hall, Diocesan Director of Vocations.

There are two accessible and interactive sessions:

1. Understanding Small Groups and The Roles People Play

Thursday 9th June 7.30pm – 9.15pm

In this session we will think about what small groups are for, what role they have in church life and what can be achieved through small groups. We will also look at how to manage the dynamics of a group and how groups grow and develop.

2. Managing Small Groups and Meeting your Goals for the Group
Thursday 16th June 7.30pm – 9.15pm

In this session we will explore personality types in groups and how people learn. We will focus on setting learning outcomes, or objectives for the group and how we try and make the group good for everyone given a range of ability, experience and interests.

Interested? Please phone or email Richard Merrick or Pippa Goldring, contact details are on the Contact Us page