Paul Shaffrick

When I think of healing, it has always been about physical health. It’s not. My emotions need healing, too.

For 35 years, I tried to control my daughter’s addiction. I failed. At February’s healing service at Holy Trinity, I brought my animosity and resentment. Though I said I forgave her, I really, deep down, did not. We prayed about my forgiveness. I gave my daughter to God.

The next week, she was mandated to Inpatient Treatment by the court. My friend told me it was “only” a 90 day program. She needed more. That’s when I knew I had forgiven her. I said I gave her to God. He’s in charge of her treatment…not me.

I love my daughter. I hate her addiction. Now I see that her behavior was a result of her addiction. God took my resentment and gave me peace and a spirit of forgiveness. I can now pray for her, lovingly, and realize that, like her addiction, I need to give my emotions to God. He is the Healer. Not me.