Let the Electors Decide!

The Holy Roman Emperor Election Commission (HREEC) is an independent body responsible for overseeing and organizing the next election for Holy Roman Emperor.

Although the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved in 1804, the position of Emperor is an important one. As Romanorum Imperator Augustus, the Emperor is charged with maintaining order and good government in much of Western Europe.

The last election for Holy Roman Emperor was in 1792.  Most democracies hold an election every 4-5 years. The Holy Roman Empire is far behind!

 Who Can Vote?

The position of Holy Roman Emperor is an elected one, meaning those who are qualified as Electors may vote.  There are seven traditional Electors for Holy Roman Emperor.  You may vote if you are any of the following:

  1. The Archbishop of Mainz
  2. The Archbishop of Trier
  3. The Archbishop of Cologne
  4. The King of Bohemia
  5. The Margrave of Brandenburg
  6. The Count Palatine of the Rhine
  7. The Duke of Saxony

If you do not fit into one of these categories, you may still be qualified to vote.  In 1803, the franchise was expanded to the following electors:

  • The Duke of Wurttemberg
  • The Margrave of Baden
  • The Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel
  • The Duke of Salzburg

In addition, several of the offices of the traditional Electors (such as the King of Bohemia) have been abolished. If you can show that you substantially perform the role of an office that has been abolished, you may qualify as an elector.  For instance, if you can show that you rule Bohemia, whether as king or otherwise, you may be qualified to vote.


How can I participate in this election?

If you are an Elector or believe you may be one, contact the HREEC to register to vote and get your official ballot.  Please include any supporting documents you have to identify yourself as an Elector.

If you wish to be a Candidate for Emperor, contact us to receive your candidate form.  This will allow your name to appear on the ballot.  Please note that there will also be space on the ballot for write-in votes, so it is not strictly necessary to register your candidacy with the HREEC.  However, Electors who wish to vote for you may find it easier to do so if your name appears on the ballot. 

You may also Nominate a candidate for Emperor.  This way, your favourite candidate may appear on the ballot, allowing the Electors to see that your favourite candidate is running for Emperor.

There are many ways that Volunteers can assist the HREEC with voting:

  • Translators: some Electors may speak German or Czech.  Helping us to translate the election materials into these languages will greatly assist some electors.
  • Elector Identification and Registration: The Electors' list has not been updated since 1792, so volunteers can assist us with findnig the Electors and providing them with election materials.
  • Legal: The election laws for Holy Roman Emperor were written between 800-1804 A.D.  Lawyers, especially those who are fluent in Latin and medeival German, can assist us with ensuring that the election is held according to the rules in place.
To register as an elector, nominate yourself or someone else as candidate for Emperor, or to volunteer or get more information on this election, contact the Chief Electoral Officer, Yvon Tripper, at: