DIY Toxic-Free Cleaning

(This is what used to be under my sink, but no more!)

My motivation to become a Young Living Essential Oils distributor really took root in the spring of 2017 when I decided to retire and begin living full-time in an RV. Given the very small space of an RV, I worried about the impact that store bought chemical cleaners might have have on my overall health and wellness. So, since I am an Emerald GEM (Dani Johnson's personality traits), I began to look for facts and figures. 
What I discovered through my research into household cleaners was startling and frightening. The subpages below link to studies done by the National Institute of Health (NIH is a government funded agency) and other researchers on the ingredients and dangers of everyday household products.  I also found a smartphone app called Healthy Living by the EWG (environmental working group). This app let's you scan barcodes on products to see what toxins are in it.

For each product category, I will use this website to d
escribe how we can use essential oils and oil-infused products to reduce our exposure to toxins through DIY (do it yourself) projects.

Click on the links below to see the ways you can switch to essential oil-infused products and/or make your own DIY cleaners with essential oils to support your health and wellness in place of store-bought products filled with toxic ingredients. You are changing so many things in your life to make it great. Why not consider making a change in the way you clean your house and RV to make that part of your life better, too?
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