Recipes for Healthier Eating

We can't deny it; healthy eating is a big part of having the energy we need to do the amazing things we want to do. Over the years I've tried so many different diet programs and none really worked for me.

What seems to be working for me right now is eliminating wheat, refined sugars, and dairy from my meals and replacing these with quality proteins and fresh vegetables. You might want to call this Whole30, or Paleo or Keto, but I am just gonna call it healthier eating. That way we can avoid any arguments about the "rules". My only rule is to eat healthier, so let's give it a try.

The subpage links below will take you to a few recipes that have become family and friends' favorites. The desserts and muffin recipes often use maple syrup or coconut sugar in place of refined white sugar. Remember these are both still sugar, so while these treats are healthier, they are not "diet" or "low cal".