Who is Cathy Spencer, PhD

Greetings, my name is Dr. Cathy Spencer and I am an independent distributor working with Young Living Essential Oils. I first heard about Young Living and essential oils from my sister, Susie when she became a distributor in 2012. I ordered my premium starter kit with its oils and diffuser as a way to help my sister with her new business. At first, I mostly used the oils for aromatherapy in place of toxic candles and plug-ins. Then I learned how much oils can do to support my efforts to live a healthier, happier life and I became an essential oil believer.

In 2016, I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. After that trip, I made a vision board for myself. Through this exercise, I realized that I wanted a life of travel and adventure. So, in 2017, I retired from my job as an Assistant Superintendent in the Washington, DC area to begin living full-time in an Itasca Sunstar 30T motor home RV.  
At first, I thought I was too young to retire and that there was no way I could afford to live this life.  Then I realized that Young Living was providing me with another way to live. Not only was it helping to support my efforts to live a healthier life, but it was providing me with a way to support my financial life was well.

So, why is Young Living a good choice for me?
  • First, I need a way to make money and still travel all over the world. 
  • Second, I can't have a job that requires me to maintain inventory (living full time in an RV means space and weight limits). 
  • Third, I believe in the mission of the company and in its products. By 2017 I was spending about $100 every month on the Young Living oils and oil-infused products I loved. I wasn't buying my old cleaning products, make-up, dietary supplements, scented candles, air freshening plug-ins, room sprays or other toxic products at the store anymore, so that money was being redirected to my purchase of oils and oil-infused products. By spending $100 a month using Essential Rewards I was also getting free oils, discounted pricing and commissions on orders from those who joined the company under me.
  • Fourth, building a team and supporting others is something I've enjoyed doing for 18 years as a teacher and administrator.

Do you want to know more about Young Living or have questions about my RV life?

or contact me at my "work" email holyrollingoilers@gmail.com