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Ingredients: Fresh Habanero Peppers, Onions, Carrots,  Garlic, Distilled Vinegar, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, and Canola Oil, That's  All!!
An all natural hand crafted habanero pepper sauce for the intense heat and flavor of the Habanero.
!!Holy Hannah!! is created in small batches by hand to protect quality and consistency.
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The Story Behind !!Holy Hannah!!

Holy Hannah originated from a need to supply myself with enough hot sauce to fill my ever increasing appetite for hot foods.  I would go through bottle after bottle of hot sauce and was unable to keep enough on hand.  Finally, I took out a recipe book and looked up a recipe for habanero hot sauce.  The original sauce was pretty good and quite hot.  I spent months playing with the recipe, trying to find a taste that would keep me coming back for more.  The result is Holy Hannah.  I gave some away to friends and family and the word spread. Eventually, after a local vendor asked me to make a couple of cases for him, I had to adjust the recipe to make larger quantities   Many bottles later, Holy Hannah Habanero Pepper Sauce is a local favorite here in Connecticut

The difference
What makes different from other hot sauces?  Three things

Freshness. Every ingredient we use is fresh.  Nothing is dehydrated, extracted, mashed, or
pre-processed before it enters our kitchens.  The result is a taste unlike any other sauce.  Besides being all natural, everything is prepared by hand.  Truly a hand-made, home-made product.

2.Taste. Holy Hannah is unique because it contains absolutely no added salt or sugar.  Why is this unique?  Just look at any bottle of hot sauce and you will find salt or sugar as one of the top ingredients.  In some sauces, the salt is so powerful, you can barely taste the peppers.      Finally, people who are on a restricted salt or sugar diet can enjoy a prepared hot sauce!

3.Quality. Holy Hannah is created by hand in small batches.  This gives us total control over every aspect of the creation process.  Any batch that does not live up to expectations will never be sold.  Will we ever be a threat to the big boys?  Probably not. 
Ideas and Uses for !!Holy Hannah Habanero Pepper Sauce!!
Add Holy Hannah to taco meat and/or taco sauce. Or just put on top of taco if you  feel brave!
HotDogs-Hamburgers A replacement  for/ or an addition to mustard/relish/ketchup - Be Careful!!
Prepare your favorites and add at the end just before serving.
Stew and Soups and Chilis
You will  enjoy BBQing with !!Holy Hannah!!, because it blends so well with home made, as well as commercial brands of BBQ Sauce. It does not take over the flavor of the original sauce,  but adds a pleasant tang and heat which you will surely enjoy.
Make a salad dressing using Holy Hannah.    Add it to your favorite Dressing by pouring it directly into the bottle and shaking.
Salad Dressing
Pan cook your favorite fish or chicken breast. Make a salsa from fresh tomato,  onion, green pepper, lime juice, Holy Hannah and chunk cheese and  place over the fish or chicken.  Place in the oven and broil for 20 minutes and enjoy.
Any meats left to stay in an Oil/Vinegar, Salad Dressing, or other  marinade made with !!HH!! will pick up a mild burn, as well as the essence of the tropical habanero/lime flavor.
Steaks,  chicken, ribs/pork lamb can all benefit from !!Holy Hannah!!

Holy Hannah available at......
Sherwood Farms - Rte 59 Easton, CT

The Angry Pepper - 444 Main St. Monroe, CT 06468.

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