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Hmmm how to get 'two' over three in the list that changes to alphabetical when my back is turned!
A good Scripture for 'three': A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. I'll look for the reference.
I'll also look for a freebie image of the Celtic knot that crosses over itself three times, and ends up with a triangular shape.
Here's a big one, but I couldn't imagine how to illustrate it: the three states of water (air, solid,  liquid). It''s sort of a magic substance because of the way it, unlike other liquids, floats up instead of sinking when frozen. Because of that unique attribute, fish are enabled to overwinter in pond water instead of dying.  You could make a case that the property of three-in-one-ness gives water  a distinct affiliation with the Trinity.  I always think of grace flowing like water.  Even the chemical makeup of water is interesting....two molecules of hydrogen, and one of oxygen (spirit - pneuma - breath - oxygen) in perfect unity and completeness, yet with a yearning to share its substance (I believe it forms a covalent bond with the next molecule because of Oxygen's desire to 'give' an electron. Gotta look this up.)