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We need to keep an eye on the programs he is developing for St. Thomas More College in NH - possibly some summer short courses for adults and high school students. David wrote :
         I am about to teach a course called The Way of Beauty which relates Catholic culture to the four disciplines of the quadrivium    and explains how all are eminating from the liturgy as the 'source and summit' of human activity. We teach the freshmen to sing         the Office and incorporate traditional visual imagery into their prayer through the use of an icon corner, for example. We will also have them doing some basic geometry. We offer an extra curricular course in icon painting, which I teach and which we encourage the students to do even if they are not 'arty' so to speak. This has been incorporated into the core curriculum of the college for all students.
I also have my first full-time art student, starting this Fall, who will do this course and then focus on a practical training of academic method in drawing, iconography, sacred geometry and then after that we envisage specialisation.
We are offering a week-long version of the Way of Beauty course for anyone to attend next summer.

Stratford wrote: Here is a list of some sites you may find interesting:
Much of this is MORE than I can wrap my wee mind around! He added that David Clayton is writing a book about Catholic Sacred Geometry, so we'll look forward to that. Of the sites below, my favorite was the golden number site. The delightful thing about any of this finding meaning in numbers and shapes business is that it is NOT an attempt to derive doctrine, but just to explore and have fun with the 'treasure hunt'. In no case must we 'believe' any particular interpretation of all this. I think God has just laced creation with layers and layers of meaning that will read differently to different persons in different times - very much a poet, He!