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Stratford et al

posted Aug 28, 2009, 7:23 AM by Charlotte Ostermann   [ updated Jul 24, 2010, 9:19 AM ]

Mr. Caldecott graciously looked at the Holy Geometry we have so far and says it's looking good. He sent some links that will really get you thinking. He also connected us with his friends, who are developing college level classes that will make you wish you were 18 again! 

David Clayton, at St. Thomas More College in NH, says he loves our Volume 1 (yea!) and I've put a link to a site where his beautiful artwork and his writings about Sacred Geometry can be seen.

Another friend of his, Tom Bree, says:

        "Charlotte's work looks great. Lucky children to have such a workbook. It incorporates the spiritual element well - in a way that feeds the imagination as well as stimulating the mind which is an essential combo. Too many facts and figures would kill the magic and too much magic would make us forget that this is a study with very down to earth practical applications and so she's struck a good balance.
        The stuff about point/line/plane/3 dimensions etc is quite brave as it's not so easy to express in writing and is, I feel, an aspect of  geometry that needs to be taught orally while pointing at suitable objects that demonstrate the principles in question. This would then put the writing into an "already experienced" context (if that makes sense). However good books are (and they are great) I still feel that "face to face/physical proximity" oral tradition learning does so much more than any book can do though after the face to face learning has finished then the book acts as an excellent reminder of what was learnt from the teacher by the student."

I am so thankful to have this confirmation of my sense that the orality and loving physicality of our 'geometry conversation' is a key element in this teaching. I hope to find links to give you so we  can follow Tom's work creating high level art classes that incorporate the principles we are learning.


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