If you've been invited to test one of the Holy Geometry, Volume 1 'kits',you should be able to add comments and even new pages and upload interesting images of your own constructions, or things you find online, or photograph. I 'subscribe' to changes on this page, and so can you, if you want email notification of any changes/additions that  are made. I don't have a clue exactly how this is going to turn out, but I think it's the kind of thing that will be more fun the more we each contribute. My main interest in trying out this material is to enjoy friends who see into numbers and shapes 'poetically', as I do more and more. People always laugh at ancients for what they imagined, but I think they're having the last laugh when we've lost our ability to imagine sacred numbers and shapes, star stories, etc... .For questions, or to get on the wait list for a kit, email Charlotte at charoster 'at' yahoo 'dot' com

Since we started this, I've received some feedback from Stratford Caldecott and friends of his. Please look at the kudos page, and at the links page. Some very interesting things are going on in sacred geometry land!