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Jeanne Begnoche
Jeanne (Boulerice) Begnoche – Living on a farm in Swanton, I was educated at Ste. Anne Academy in Swanton and attended the church of The Nativity of the BVM.  Took violin lessons from the Sisters of the Holy Spirit there at Ste. Anne Academy starting at age 9 thru high school – according to my classmates, I was a very accomplished violinist but have lost most of my talent thru the years  – always had good intentions but never practiced and with marriage, family and work, that took a backseat. 

We moved to St. Albans in 1957 after my brother took over the farm – I was already working at the St. Albans Hospital at the time and later at the Northwestern Medical Center (now retired) married at Holy Angels in 1962; my husband and I bought my parents’ home in 1977; it’s a two apartment house and both were rented until I moved back to my parents’ house in October, 2000.  I now live closer to St. Mary’s but have continued to be a parishioner of Holy Angels and part of the choir since the late 1960s – I was absent from the choir – off and on due to family illness, etc.  Thru the years, soloed at many weddings and family gatherings; along with singing alto with the choir, I have covered one of the w/e masses with Michael Olmstead starting 5 -6 years ago.  We have provided music for funerals, weddings, anniversaries, etc.  both at Holy Angels and other area churches (Catholic and other denominations).  

It’s a privilege to be a part of the weekend masses and to donate our time for the spiritual enrichment of the parishioners – I especially like to sing French hymns which many recognize as part of the schooling at Holy Angels. 

My husband, Ronald passed away in 1996 after over 10 years of ill health.  We have one daughter, Louise; she is married to Troy Spaulding.  They live in Swanton and have 4 daughters: Olivia, Jorie, Sydney and Kendall.