Summer Research Experience

This summer I spent 6 weeks as a visiting researcher in Dr. Ritesh Agarwal's Materials Science lab at the University of Pennsylvania.  The lab focuses on synthesizing and analyzing nanowires that can be used for photonic, electronic, and energy conversion devices.  My graduate research mentor, Chris Rodd, is focusing on Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) nanowires for use in solar cells.  The hope is that the great surface area to volume ratio of nanomaterials will improve the efficiency of solar cells.  My responsibility during my brief stay in the lab was to focus on the CdS nanowire synthesis procedure.  I undertook two projects, the first being an attempt to use stainless steel as a substrate, and the second being a study of how varying the system's pressure will affect the growth of the wires.  Below you can read about both projects, as well as a quick primer on how the nanowire growth process works.