Physics 221 Lab Syllabus

Physics 221 Lab Syllabus

Lab location: Nielson, Room 508                                                                                      Lab time:  Friday, 1:25-4:25 pm

Instructor: Adam Holt []                                                                       Office Hours: Anytime by appt.

Required Texts:

Introductory Physics Experiments by Dr. James E. Parks

Course Structure:

Before lab we will meet and discuss course related material, go over specific types of problems, and have quizzes. Afterwards we will begin our laboratory experiments to gather data for your lab report. Lab reports are due a week after the lab.


We will have a quiz each week that will be similar to the homework problems.


Required. Please let me know beforehand if you cannot make it to a lab due to any circumstance. Make up labs are scheduled at the end of the semester. [Keep this in mind for your finals]


Lab reports: 75%

Quizzes: 15%

Attendance: 10%

Lab Reports: [10 pts max]

After each lab you will be responsible for writing a report to summarize your experimental results and conclusions. All students must have their own data. Print out all data, graphs, and tables for each student. Make sure to use appropriate units for all quantities [0.5 pt each]  and label all axes with appropriate units [0.5 pt each].

Your reports should include:

1.       Cover sheet with name and lab partner(s)

2.       Data

a. Data tables, graphs

b. Sample calculation with specific formulas used


3.     Results and Discussion

        a. Statement of general result with error

        b. Comparison of your results with expected values

        c. Discussion of sources of error

                                       i. What are the possible sources of error?

                                       ii. How did these sources of error affect your results?