Here you will find information on some of my projects. Some are recycled from my previous webpage and some are new. Enjoy.

Above is a Cyonics Uniphase 2214-XX, it lased on the 488 nm lin at maybe 10 mW's when I got rid of it. There was a problem with optics in this particular unit, as the beam jumped around a little bit. 

07-October-07 : Added a new servo and roto start backplate to the car. Took the car out, man its fast. While running on gravel (without the plastic shell), the car stopped in the middle of the lot. The cars fuel line got stuck in the spur gears, cutting off gas flow and spilling fuel all over the car.  

23-Aug-07 : Added Axial Engine installation to the Ofna Ultra MBX comp RC page.

20-Aug-07 : Added Varian M4 Diffusion pump dismantling page, under miscellaneous.