About this site:

This site is sort of a visual blog.  Whereas other people might write at important times in their lives, I tend to draw or paint. Also, rather than depicting what's happening literally, I prefer to record inner experiences - what it feels like to be me - so I use a lot of astract and symbolic imagery in the pictures.  Over time you can trace the unfolding of certain themes in my life.

Some of the pictures are spontaneous, while others are directly inspired by dreams or holotropic breathwork sessions, and others show original artwork where many of the same symbols and themes can be seen to have occurred unconsciously.

It's a work in progress - I add new, and old, material from time to time.

Can I use any of these pictures or text ?

All of the artwork and text in this web site is copyright © John Ablett 2019.

These are records of deep inner work that is very important and personal to me, so please do not reuse any part of them for commercial or promotional purposes.

However, the symbols and themes in the work can be related to human experiences and archetypal symbolic systems which are universal. If you find that any of the symbols or themes particularly resonates with you, please feel free to copy the relevant images and text to your hard disk and/or print them out, for your own personal use, making a note of where you got them. If you want to use any of the images, symbols or themes as a starting point for your own creative work, that’s good too. Enjoy.