Holosync Dangers

When many people hear about Holosync and binaural beats they become a little apprehensive about using the technology. Some are even fearful, after all Holosync is designed to change your brainwaves and, in fact, Holosync is designed to change the structure of your brain over time. The fact that there are websites that talk about the dangers raises suspicion in many people about the effectiveness and safety of the Holosync program.

The Science Behind Holosync

Why are there so many fears around this technology and is it alright to question how Holosync works and even consider it to be dangerous?

To understand the concerns that some people have about using the Holosync Solution, and brain entrainment in general, we must look at how Holoync works and what it is designed to do.

Any type of brain entrainment recording, Holosync included, is desgined to induce specific brainwave states in the listener. These brainwave states are associated with certain frequencies the most common ones induced by brain entrainment are alpha, theta and delta.

Brain entrainment tracks are designed to create the physical benefits that are associated with the brainwave states mentioned above by creating these brainwaves. Listening to a Theta or Delta binaural beat recording; for example, can induce a deep and refreshing sleep.

Holosync differs from other brain entrainment tools in that they are designed to be used for just one specific state and can be used over and over again.

Bill Harris, the CEO and creator of the Holosync Solution, designed it to be a acceleration tool for personal growth so it works a little differently from other recordings.

The dangers that many believe are inherent in Holosync lie in the way it works. It is designed to surface negative memories, and the negative emotions associated with them and eliminate them.

Once these negative memories begin to surface and the listener becomes aware of the acute negative energy around them it can become very uncomfortable. However, many times (but not always) it is necessary to become conscious of these negative emotions so that the brain can do what it does naturally - let them go! This has a dramatic effect on our automatic thinking, feeling and behaviour in an extremely positive way!

Is it Dangerous?

Although it can be uncomfortable there is no need to fear this type of upheaval as it is a natural and purely beneficial experience. These benefits are the aim of many experienced meditators who have spent a lifetime perfecting traditional meditation methods. Holosync does it quickly!

Holsync has been designed to be used over a period of several years (yes that's right years) with each stage of the program using more sophisticated recordings to uncover deeper levels of negativity.Even though it does take years to finish the entire course any benefits gleaned from a completed level stay with you forever.

What Next?

As for other questionable attempts to discredit Holosync and claim it to be dangerous I will outline one example. Michael Hutchinson has made comments that Holosync is dangerous yet to best of anyone's knowledge he has never used the product nor does he claim to have. Nor does he give any basis or evidence of scientific research to back up his claim. Added to that he does not cliam that other binaural beats products are dangerous even though they use the same technology!

I consider this to be very unprofessional and slightly biased. If anyone makes claims, of which there is no evidence to suggest they are true, then they should research their claims and post the results!

There is a stack of mounting evidence to support the belief that Holosync is a beneficial and powerful personal development tool. Yet there is little evidence to suggest it is dangerous. I would therefore advise you to do your own research and come up to your own conclusion as to whether Holosync is right for you or not!

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