Holmes Energy Leasing Partnership (HELP)

HELP is a non-profit association of local landowners formed to provide information regarding issues involved with the leasing and development of the Utica shale formation.  Our goal is to educate landowners about current leasing concerns, and to organize landowners into a group to allow a better negotiating position.  This is not a new idea; there are over 300 landowner groups in Pennsylvania associated with the Marcellus shale.

HELP is accepting leased as well as, un-leased properties.  There are currently over 16,000 total acres in membership with 5,887 acres of that in un-leased land.  These acreages represent 851 different parcels.  There are presently over 350 members in HELP.

There is no obligation in joining HELP.  If however a member decides to enter into contract negotiations in the future it will be necessary to sign a letter of intent allowing representation by our negotiator and attorney. 

Watch our calendar for future meeting dates.

For more information call:

Board Members:

    Maurice Stutzman M.D.     (H) 330-893-4123  (C) 330-763-0037
    Merle Stutzman                 330-893-3010
    Daniel Hochstetler             330-359-7154
    John Byler, CPA                  330-763-0098
    James Gertz                       330-418-6300

    Mark Stutzman                  330-763-1954
    John Wengerd                    330-857-6340