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Project Manager and sole proprietor
Danny E. Zale
Last day of filming the stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

As a former street performer on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, I would get asked on a daily basis "Where is the star for Elvis?" or "How many stars are on the Walk Of Fame?" or "Doe's so-and-so have a star?" I knew both locations for Elvis of course (the original at (E-13) and its relocation to (G-1) on The Zale Map) but, I hate to admit it , in many cases, I hadn't a clue.

My Mission

Then an idea that I began as a kid but shelved due to its massive undertaking came back to mind. So I pulled it off the shelf, dusted it off and went to work. I set out with my video camera and filmed from Hollywood and Gower, to Vine, to Sunset, back to Hollywood and downt to La Brea, then back to Vine, up to Yucca, back to Hollywood and finally back to Gower, stopping at each and every star and catching live video as well as a still frame to cross reference for the exact address. This took me several days.

I then sat at my Lap Top with my hand drawn map as well as a true to scale map, and the internet maps and watched the video, freeze framing every star and locating it on my hand drawn map as well as the true to scale map. I must have cross reverenced each star at least 3 to 4 times, accuracy a must. The entire project too me over 2 and a half  months (75 days to be exact) but, finally, here it is... The Zale Map

I must say it is thrilling to have put together the first and only map that has all *2,454 stars chronicled precisely, I hope you enjoy.  *NOTE* Click here for the latest star recipient update

On behalf of Hollywood, I would like to say, welcome to our city and may it be your best vacation ever!

Danny Zale
(Former Street Performer as Elvis Presley and Hugh Jackman' Wolverine )
Creator of
The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Celebrity Star Locator Official Map Guide - The Zale Map (c)

Project Controller

Danny Elvis Zale

One of my last pics as
Elvis just prior to starting the Walk Of Fame Zale Map project.


Danny Wolverine

One of my last shots as Wolverine


Danny E. Zale

First draft of cover of The Zale Map just after receiving my copyright, ISBN and bar code.