These clapboards are very important in film industry. With the help of clapboard the editor helps to identify on which scene he is working on and also makes sure the sound track and other lights effects to ensure everything was fine in that scene. It is one of the important parts of film production as to use of clapboard by the directors. You can get these varieties of clapboards at any musical or film items stores at an affordable price with an excellent sound detection on it.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director's Clapboard - $14.99

While shooting beginning of any scene we all have heard all directors saying lights, camera, and action and then immediately you hear a sound of clapboard. What is clapboard and why is it so important for shooting purpose. Clapboard is made of wood in a box shape with a slate on the top of the box for clapping purpose. One of the type of clapboard is known has white Director’s clapboard which mean it comes with a dry erase marker which allows the director to erase and write roll number, scene, take number, director name, camera and date on it and erase once that particular shoot is done. These white Directors’ clapboard are in demand in the current market.

Director's Clapboard – Large

Director's Clapboard - Large - $11.99

There are different sizes of clapboards available in the market as per the requirement of the directors. The director’s clapboard large is made of 11.5” X 11”. This is made of durable wood with a chalkboard surface on it. It is very useful for home theatre; the clapper will have a detectible noise which makes the editor easy to identify the scene. This is also known as slate board or clapper board used for shooting purpose by the film directors. You can get the director’s clapboard large at an affordable price in white board as well which will make you to erase the information once the shoot is done.

Director's Clapboard – Small

Director's Clapboard - Small - $6.99

Now we will talk about director’s clapboard small size and its purpose. The small size clapboard is made of 8” X 7” cardboard size. You can also get this at an affordable price with an excellent quality and features in it. This director’s clapboard small size is also used as a decorative item in party’s or any film functions or award ceremonies. They look really great and add charm to the place. This also makes your guests Hold fascinated with that item. Without these clapboard some feel the film industry is incomplete. So in this competitive world it’s always good to have the best in everything.

Hollywood Clapboard Canvas Bag

Hollywood Clapboard Canvas Bag - $16.99

Now we will talk about Hollywood clapboard canvas bags. In many cities and shops plastic bags are being prohibited strictly across the world. Hollywood Clapboard Bag is constructed of heavy duty durable canvas fabric. It is one of the wonderful and best ways to protect our environment by introducing canvas bags for carrying purpose of various items. The Hollywood clapboard canvas bags are very durable to carry the clapboard with the same image and other design on the bag. These bags are eco-friendly which helps and protects the nature and environment. These bags are made of latest designs, light weights at an affordable price.