Sunset 5 Theatres

8000 W. Sunset Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90046   | map |



Opened:  1992 as part of the Laemmle chain.

Seating: 1,118 total originally. After the Sundance remodel capacities in the 5 auditoria range from 102 to 189.

Architect:  unknown

Status:  The property is now part of the Sundance Cinemas circuit. They renovated the complex and reopened in 2012.

The exit of the Laemmle chain was discussed by Nicole Sperling in a nice story in the L.A. Times about the changing nature of art film distribution with the competition of the Arclight and other venues that have opened in the last 20 years.

The Sunset 5 was operated by Laemmle Theatres as the Laemmle Sunset 5 from 1992 through November 2011. Under the Laemmle tenure the house was known for running first run commercial fare as well as lots of arty and indie product.  

The Sunset 5 in the Movies:

We're in line at the boxoffice for "Texas Chainsaw
Massacre" in Willard Carroll's "Playing by Heart"
(Miramax, 1998).  Angelina Jolie and Ryan Phillippe
will be joining us shortly.

larger view

Angelina Jolie and Ryan Phillippe leaving the
Sunset 5 in "Playing By Heart." They're heading
down to the "Prince" level of the garage, where
she's pretending her car has been stolen.
larger  view

We also visit the Geffen and the Mayan in the film.  See
our Theatres In Movies post for shots at those theatres.

More Information:   See the Cinema Treasures page on the Sunset 5.

Sundance Cinemas website

A post-remodel lobby view from the
Sundance Cinemas website.
full size view

Another lobby photo.

A 2013 auditorium view from
 the Sundance website.

A tailgate view of the complex housing the Sunset 5 Theatres.

photo: Bill Counter - 2011

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Sunset 5 on Yelp

Yelp has a few photos on their page devoted
 to the Sunset.
Here's a Laemmle era entrance
 view that was added by Nancy.

full size view

A Laemmle auditorium view by Katie. We
 assume this is the big one: 290 seats at the time. 
full size view


Laemmle's website had these two views of the theatre
on their site when they were operating the complex.

A look at the lobby.
slightly larger view