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Early Film Exhibition

Grand Opera House - 1896
First film exhibition on a screen in Los Angeles.
The projectionist was one other than the legendary Billy Porter

Tally's Phonograph & Vitascope Parlor - 1896
First regularly scheduled film screenings.

Tally's Electric Theatre - 1902
Considered to be the first purpose-built
 theatre for film exhibition in Los Angeles.

The Bioscope
A blog reporting on the world of
 early and silent cinema.

An 1895 development by Jenkins and Armat, later
marketed by Edison as the successor to his Kinetoscope.

Early Sound Formats

American Widescreen Museum

Early Sound Processes
Optical soundtrack samples
100 Years of Cinema Loudspeakers

Lee Sound
Altec photo gallery
Altec index

Ominious Valve
Altec Speakers
The Tube Thing

One of many nice illustrations
from the Ominous Valve's Altec page.

Talkie King
a celebration of early talkies and their time

De Forest Phonofilm
Fox Movietone
RCA Photophone

Early Color

Tally's Broadway
Tally's was the Kinemacolor house in Los Angeles, with
an installation of its special projectors. For a while in 1911 it
was called the Kinemacolor Theatre.

American Widescreen Museum
Early color -- index page
Technicolor history

Talkie King


Grauman's Egyptian
Our main page on the Egyptian has several
items relating to the 1926 run of "Don Juan."

Criterion Theatre
Leased by Warners for the run
of "The Jazz Singer" (1927).

Tower Theatre
Ran a sneak preview of "The Jazz Singer"
and later got the moveover run.

Warner Hollywood
Our main page on the Warner has a
discussion of the Vitaphone process.

Belknap Collection -- Vitaphone
Items related to the runs of "Don Juan"
and "The Jazz Singer."

A view from the Belknap Collection of the
Warner in New York running "Jazz Singer"
larger view 

George Groves
A site devoted to this pioneer soundman -- with
lots of information and memorabilia from his days
with Bell Labs, Vitaphone and Warner Bros.

Talkie King
The First Talkie

Vitaphone Varieties
A blog about early talkies.

The Vitaphone Project
On a mission to round up and preserve
Vitaphone films and discs.

A look at a projector installation equipped for both
sound on film and on disc from The Vitaphone Project. 
full size view


70mm Fox Grandeur - 1929-1930

Criterion Theatre
This downtown theatre may have run "Movietone
Follies of 1929" in the 70mm Fox Grandeur
process. The film opened May 24, 1929.
Or was it just in 35mm? It's unknown.

Carthay Circle
The page on this theatre offers photos of the booth and
the special Simplex projectors installed for the seven week
run of "Happy Days," which opened February 28, 1930.

Grauman's Chinese
The Chinese was equipped with the special 70mm
projectors to run "The Big Trail," an 8 week run
beginning October 2, 1930.

The Chinese also ran "Song o' My Heart," which
opened April 19, 1930. It was filmed in both 35mm as well
 as 70mm Grandeur but the consensus is that that the 70mm
version was never exhibited and the Chinese run was 35mm.

3-D Film Archive
See the Widescreen Documentation page of
Bob Furmanek's terrific 3-D Film Archive site for
 reproduction of some articles on Grandeur.

American Widescreen Museum
"70 Millimeters" -- American Cinematographer,
February 1930-- includes sample frames
"Magnified Grandeur -- The Big Screen 1926-1931"
Lots of discussion about early widescreen -- including Vitascope.

A discussion of "Movietone Follies of 1929" and
whether it played as a full feature in 70mm.

List of films exhibited in widescreen 1929 - 1931

A photo of one of the specially built 35/70 Grandeur
machines from the Carey Williams Collection. It's on the page "Simplex Grandeur 70 Projector"

There's also a photo of the Simplex 35/70 machine
in the August 1, 1931 issue of Motion Picture Herald.

On Wikipedia :
| Fox Grandeurfilm formats  |

65mm Vitascope - 1930-1931

Warner Hollywood
Our main page on the Warner has a discussion of the 65mm
Warner Vitascope process.  The Warner ran two features in 1930
and 1931 in 65mm: "Kismet" and "The Lash."

Warner Downtown
Ran "A Soldier's Plaything" in 65mm in 1930.
"Vitascope" -- list of productions
"Magnified Grandeur -- The Big Screen 1926-1931"
Lots of discussion about early widescreen -- including Vitascope.
List of films exhibited in widescreen 1929 - 1931

Disney's Fantasound  1940 - 1941

Carthay Circle Theatre
This venue got the full stereo roadshow treatment
for an engagement opening January 30, 1941. Our
 page has lots of information on the process.

American Widescreen Museum

Start your Fantasound explorations with the American
Widescreen Museum's Fantasound section:

page 1  |  page 2  |  page 3  |

Journal of the SMPTE
Fantasound technical paper
-- also in the Widescreen Museum section

More Early Widescreen

3-D Film Archive
See the Widescreen Documentation page of
Bob Furmanek's terrific 3-D Film Archive site for
 information about Magnascope in the 20s.

American Widescreen Museum
"70mm is Born, Dies and is Resurrected"
more Early Widescreen articles

"Magnified Grandeur -- The Big Screen 1926-1931"
Lots of discussion about early widescreen processes.
List of films exhibited in widescreen 1929 - 1931
"The Bat Whispers in 65mm" -- Magnifilm
"Natural Vision"

"List of Early Wide Gauge Films"

There were a number of films photographed in various wide
film formats that only got exhibited in conventional 35mm.

Cinerama - 1952

Warner Hollywood
See the page on the Warner for a discussion of the
three strip Cinerama projection process. The Warner later
also ran 70mm films as "Presented in Cinerama."

The Cinerama Dome
Opened in 1963 with 70mm and later ran
revivals of the original three strip Cinerama process.
A Cinerama festival is slated for September, 2012

Forum Theatre
This theatre on Pico was a test house for both
the 3-strip and 70mm Cinerama processes.

American Widescreen Museum - Cinerama
A great section of this amazing website.

In Cinerama
Roland Latalle's website about everything Cinerama
and Cinemiracle. The site has lots of ads, articles and more.
Cinerama Dome page
Warner Cinerama page

Cinerama Adventure
A site about a Cinerama documentary by that name
and also information about the new Cinerama production
 "In the Picture."  Also see the site's links page.

An illustration from "Cinerama Adventure."

David Boardwell
A nice article on the
 "Wayward charms of Cinerama."
Cinerama section
"This Is Cinerama"

Ominous Valve
Cinerama II: The Revival


A new 3 strip Cinerama production: "In The Picture"
It premiered in September, 2012 at the "Cinerama at 60"
 festival at the Dome. It was the first footage shot in
the 3 strip process in over 50 years.
On YouTube:
 "Cinerama 2012"  | "Cinerama 2012 Part 2"

Transition to Widescreen

3-D Film Archive
See the Widescreen Documentation page of Bob Furmanek's
 terrific 3-D Film Archive site for great research on the industry's
 transition to widesceeen and stereo sound presentation.

Cinemascope - 1953

Grauman's Chinese
The Chinese got the premiere of "The Robe," the first
Cinemascope feature. For years it advertised itself as
"The Home of Cinemascope in Hollywood."  See the main
Chinese page for a discussion of the process. 

The street view timeline page offers some nice views
of the elaborate signage for Cinemascope features,
illustrating how it changed from picture to picture.

American Widescreen Museum
main Cinemascope section
"Cinemascope - Information for the Theatre"
"Cinemascope 55" -- an 8 perf process on 55mm film
"The Original First Week Engagements of Star Wars" - Michael Coate


VistaVision - 1954

Warner Bros. Beverly Hills
One of the few theatres in the country to actually get
an installation of the horizontal Century projectors with an
8 perforation per frame "pull across" for Paramount's
"high fidelity" process. See the page for a discussion.

The El Capitan
 There are stories that the El Capitan (then called the
Paramount) got an installation of horizontal projectors
for VistaVision. It's unknown what features were run.

American Widescreen Museum

VistaVision section
"Horizontal VistaVision Projector"
"The Development of VistaVision"

 [ VV with an anamorphic lens ]
  film formats 

70mm TODD-AO - 1955

Egyptian Theatre
The Egyptian was the first Los Angeles Theatre
equipped for the process. It got the premiere
engagement of "Oklahoma" in 1955. The page
discusses the process, with several illustration.

United Artists
Equipped in 1955 to add a second theatre
to the run of "Oklahoma."

Carthay Circle
Ran the second film in the process,
"Around The World in 80 Days," in 1956.

"70mm Projectors"
"TODD-AO - The Show of Shows"
DP70 projector index page
"The Story of the TODD-AO Projector"
"Construction of the DP70"
"DP70 Projectors in the USA (Los Angeles)"
"In The Splendor of 70mm"
"Dust To Dust"

A faded 70mm clip from "The Alamo"
featured in the preservation discussion
 on the "Dust To Dust" article.

Red Balloon
70mm theatres list -- updated 2011

Wikipedia - TODD-AO
Here from the Wikipedia article we have a
view of a 65mm negative and 70mm release
print in the format.   full size view

Also on Wikipedia:
roadshow releasesfilm formats  |

Cinemiracle - 1958

Grauman's Chinese
Equipped in 1958 for the 3 strip
presentation of "Windjammer."

Music Box Theatre
This venue (then called the Fox) was equipped
for a 15 week moveover run of "Windjammer."

Melrose Theatre
This venue was set up as a test house for
the process. See our page for a photo of the
temporary projection installation

In Cinerama
Roland Lataille's Cinerama site has
extensive "Windjammer" coverage.
Cinemiracle main page
"Windjammer" at the Chinese
Chinese Theatre postcards
1958 listings -- ads, articles
Cinemiracle section

A Grauman's Chinese postcard of the Cinemiracle
 premiere. It's from the collection of Cinerama and
Cinemiracle historian Roland Lataille.
full size view

A view of a typical 3 machine Cinemiracle booth
 from the now-vanished site Swedish Widescreen
 Center. Shown are 3 modified 35mm Century
projectors plus a regular one in a single booth. 
  larger view

Widescreen Museum

Wilfried Wittowski
"Windjammer" article

Smell-O-Vision - 1960

Fox Ritz Theatre
Our page on the Ritz has information about
the 1960 run of Mike Todd Jr.'s "Scent of Mystery,"
the only film in the process.

70mm Dimension 150 - 1968

Egyptian Theatre
The Egyptian was the showcase venue for this wide angle
system and got a new 90' screen and masking system.
The auditorium page has photos of the D-150 installation.

Rosemary Theatre
This venue in Ocean Park was used as a
test house for the process.

American Widescreen Museum
Dimension 150

In Cinerama
Roland Lataille's site has a
section on Dimension 150.
Dimension 150 at the Egyptian

In 70mm
"Come Back D-150..."
"The D-150 Super Curvulon Lens"
D-150 Theatres

Links to More Movie Links


San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Silents Are Golden

The Vitaphone Project

Blogs and Sites About the Movies

Arts Beat
N. Y. Times blog

Awards Daily
Watching Oscar 24/7
 A site for theatre owners and others
 interested in the business

David Boardwell
 Observations on film art

The consummate trade magazine -- since 1920

A seasonal blog about the Oscars
 from NY Times' David Carr

Critic Wire

Deadline Hollywood
Nikki Finke has all the latest news

This site does a great job tracking foreign
 films, indie releases and classics appearing at a
wide range of venues around town. Check their
calendar and plan your week. They also have a free
e-mail newsletter you can sign up for.
Also check out the links page.

Jim Hill Media
News, reviews, history and commentary about
the entertainment industry (but mostly
about the Walt Disney Company).

Hollywood Reporter

Lee's Movie Info
Trailers, release dates & boxoffice figures.

Leonard Maltin

Los Angeles Times
entertainment news web section

Movie City News
Hollywood's homepage

Movie Web
Trailers, interviews and news

New York Times
movie news & reviews

The New Yorker
movie topics listings

Universe of Movies
The Hunt For Amazing Treasures

film reviews

See our list of blogs about
life in Los Angeles on our
L.A. History Resources site.

Film Festivals & Events

American Cinematheque
events at the Egyptian and the Aero

American Film Institute

Alex Film Society -- Film Festival List

City of Lights/City of Angels -- French Film in Hollywood

Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

Film Independent
Los Angeles Film Festival -- June 14 to 24, 2012 at L.A. Live.

 Current Film Tech

American Cinema Equipment

booth equipment and supplies

Barco Digital Projectors

Bay Area Cinema Products
soundhead retrofit kits and more

Big Screen Biz
a blog for exhibitors

film projectors, lamps, platters,
digital projection

film and digital projectors,
lamphouses and transport systems

Claco Equipment & Service
parts and soundhead upgrade kits for Norelco
 projectors plus a full line of booth supplies
digital equipment info

Component Engineering
sound system components including
 LED and Dolby Digital retrofit kits
 for existing soundheads

Digital Cinema Today

Doremi Labs
digital cinema equipment -- servers, etc

digital projector components

digital and analong sound,
Dolby 3-D process
Dolby Atmos

Film Tech
supplies, projector manuals and more
threading a platter
threading a projector

Future Lighting
specialists in large scale outside projection

theatre screens

IMAX Corporation website

Wikipedia article on the process
"Destroy Fake Imax"
Cinema Sightlines -- TJ Edwards on the
problems with the digital mini-IMAX format
What is 70mm DTS Sound?
DTS 70mm requirements
Vertigo in 70mm DTS

sound, automation, misc. booth equipment.

film and digital projectors,
lamphouses, transport system

Large Format Examiner
articles on large format processes
large format comparisons
digital IMAX controversy- links

Laser Light Engines
Digital at the next level --using lasers
instead of a Xenon light source.

Lenard Audio
Cinema Sound
Sound formats

3D cinema gear

consumer equipment

Qube Digital Cinema
servers, etc.

Real D
hardware and software
for 3D exhibition

digital projectors, platters, Century
and Simplex projectors


curtain tracks, draperies,
projection frames and screens

LED soundhead conversion kits,
cinema audio processors

Wikipedia Articles

 Stage Tech


speakers, amps, EQ

crossovers, limiters


loudspeakers, amps

Full Compass
snakes, cabling, equipment


Klark Teknik
signal processing

Meyer Sound
speakers, equalizers and related products

equipment cases, racks

Pro Sound Web
forums on many topics
"Sound on Broadway" - Mark Frink, 2009

amps and speakers

Quam Loudspeakers
L pads, dressing room monitor speakers, etc.

mics, monitors, mixers

Sound and Recording
on Google Books

Star Case
racks and cases

cabling, connectors, pro audio items

Yamaha Pro Audio
comnsoles, EQ, processing


Altman Lighting

instruments, dimmers

Hollywood Rentals
lights, rigging, misc. stage equipment

dimming systems

Lighting & Electronics
stage lighting instruments


Olesen Theatrical Lighting

Phoebus Manufacturing
Ultra Arc follow spots

Strand Lighting
dimmers and instruments

xenon followspots

Union Connector
connectors, cabling,
 company switches, patch panels

     rigging and drapes    

J.R. Clancy
rigging equipment, stage hardware

Daktronics / Hoffend
automated rigging systems

Grosh Scenic Studios
backdrops, drapery, curtain tracks

H & H Specialties
rigging equipment, curtain tracks

Rose Brand
curtains, fabrics, supplies


Tiffin Scenic Studios
rigging, drapes

curtain tracks, draperies,
projection frames and screens


American Seating

Baker Road Seating

Irwin Seating
new & restoration

     historical restoration    

Evergreene Architectural Arts
paint, plaster, decorative finishes

Amy Higgins
building restoration artist

Cole Lighting
light fixtures both new and reproduction

     theatrical supply houses    

Mainstage Theatrical Supply
Milwaukee based supply house


Stagecraft Indudstries

Texas Scenic
full service supply house

about the photos from other sites...

  We've tried to give appropriate credit.
The links near the images will direct you to a full size version
on the website hosting it.  Please contact us if there are incorrect
attributions or links that no longer work.   All images are subject
to copyright.  Contact the webmaster of the site in question
concerning reproduction or other use.

Venues For Classic Films

  Aero Theatre  

Revivals and more in this cozy Santa Monica
venue operated by American Cinematheque.

www.american  |
events list
film calendar  |

A photo of the interior from our Wilshire
Theatres web page on the Aero Theatre.

  Alex Theatre  

The Alex Film Society puts on regular showings of
classics in this 1925 vintage Glendale vaudeville theatre.
Alex website | film society website  |

The photo is from our Alex Theatre page on
the [more] L.A. Movie Palaces website.

  New Beverly Cinema  

Classic and cult favorite double bills in 35mm
at this westside venue on Beverly Blvd.
website  |

A look at the theatre from the New Beverly
page on our [more] L.A. Movie Palaces website.

  Bing Theatre / LACMA  

The Bing is determined to stay in the classics
business with both evening and Tuesday bargain
matinee showings in their well equipped theatre.
| film program overview  |  series/events  |  listings by day  |

A street view of the complex from the Bing Theatre
page on our Wilshire Theatres website.

  Cinerama Dome/ArcLight  

The Dome and the ArcLight complex at Sunset and Vine
 in Hollywood occasionally runs screenings of classics.
ArcLight/ Dome website  |
Dome schedule  |
classics schedule: Arclight Presents  |

An exterior view from our
page on the Cinerama Dome.

  Linwood Dunn Theatre  

This plush 286 seat venue on Vine St. in Hollywood,
part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Pickford Film Center, offers exhibits and occasional
 screenings of classics.
website -  |  events schedule  |

The photo here is from our page on the
 Linwood Dunn Theatre on this site.

  Egyptian Theatre  

A mix of classics, festivals and special events unspools
 regularly at Sid Grauman's refurbished 1922 Hollywood Blvd.
 movie palace under the aegis of the American Cinematheque
www.american  |
film schedule  | film & tour calendar  |
tour & "Forever Hollywood" information  |

A street view from our page about
 the Egyptian Theatre on this site.

  Goldwyn Theatre  

AMPAS has screenings of classics plus
exhibitions and special events at their plush
facility on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills.
AMPAS website  | events calendar  | more on the facility  |

The Goldwyn Theatre in a view from the AMPAS website.
full size view  Photo copyright AMPAS. 
 | our page on the Goldwyn Theatre  |

  Grauman's Chinese  

The Chinese runs a classic film now and then.
| Chinese Theatre website  |  on Facebook  |

An auditorium view from our
section on the Chinese Theatre.


A season of classics every summer outdoors in the
Hollywood Forever Cemetery. And now the organization
is doing indoor screenings as well -- including films at the
Los Angeles Theatre and other downtown venues.
calendar  |  tickets  |

A view from the Cinespia website.
more photos |

  L.A. Conservancy  

The organization offers "Last Remaining Seats,"
an annual spring series of classic films in historic
theatres downtown and elsewhere.
website  |  Last Remaining Seats  |  2014 schedule  |

From our Wilshire Theatres website comes this
shot of the Saban Theatre, one of the 2013 venues.

  Silent Movie Theatre/ Cinefamily 

Not at all silent, this venue in the Fairfax district programs
 a rousing blend of cult classics and new indie work.
website  |  film calendar  |

A view of the Silent Movie Theatre by Don Solosan
 for the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation
 from our Silent Movie Theatre page.

  TCM Festival  

Restored versions of classics unspooling
every April at Grauman's Chinese, The Chinese 6,
the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and other venues.
TCM Website  |

A forecourt view from our
section on the Chinese Theatre.

  Warner Grand  

This wonderful art deco venue in San Pedro offers
 occasional screenings of classics and foreign films.
website  |

The photo is from our Warner Grand page on
the [more] L.A. Movie Palaces website.

  Billy Wilder / Hammer Museum  

The Hammer Museum in Westwood offers their own
programmin gplus showings from the UCLA Film Archives
at their cozy venue. Convenient parking is in the basement.
Hammer film programs  |
UCLA Film Archive programs  |

A look at the courtyard on our Wilshire Theatres
page about the Billy Wilder Theatre.

  Film Radar  

The Film Radar Calendar has a broad spectrum
in their film calendar listings (classics plus foreign,
indie, etc.) that tracks a wide range of sites.

Hollywood History

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

30s look at the Grauman's Chinese chandelier
from the Tom B'hend and Preston Kaufmann
Collection, a part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences
Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collection. 
full size view

The AMPAS holdings that are online include the
 B'hend-Kaufmann theatre photo collection, the Academy Awards
collection, the American Society of Cinematographers collection
 and many more.  Items not yet online can be explored in person. 
full list  |

 Big Orange Landmarks
Floyd's blog tours the whole list of the
buildings designated
cultural landmarks by the City of Los Angeles. 

Some of Floyd's Hollywood history posts include:
Chinese Theatre  Pantages Theatre  |
Original Disney Studio site  |
Hollywood Sign |
  Chaplin Studio  |   more hollywood posts   |

The Boulevard Blog
The blog has a number of items
related to Hollywood history.

A view of some facade ornament at the Avalon from a
 great 2009 Boulevard Blog post "We Had Faces."  See the post
for many more details of ornament from Hollywood buildings.

Card Cow
The Card Cow site showcases an amazing
collection of vintage postcard views.

 Here we're looking at the Brown Derby. 
full size view  | more hollywood items

   Cinema Tour
Cinema Tour frequently doesn't have much factual
data about a given theatre but has lots of interesting photos.

Here we have a color image from the Daniel Wright
collection on the site's page for the Earl Carroll Theatre.

Water and Power Associates

This website has many history pages with photos drawn
from various archives. Here, the Hollywoodland photo is one
that appears on page one of their Hollywood 1920s+ section.
page 1  | page 2  | page 3  | page 4  |

See the bottom of any of the pages for an index to other
 sections with photos from other areas of the city.

Electric Railways of Los Angeles
A great site by Tom Wetzel with period
views along different rail lines.

This view of the Pantages is from his tour of
 the Hollywood Boulevard Line.   full size image

See also Tom's terrific Downtown Walking Tour.

"Early Hollywood"
by Marc Wanamaker &  Robert W. Nudelman
Arcadia Press Images of America Series, 2007
ISBN: 9780738547923
preview on Amazon preview on Google Books  |

An amazing collection of photos and lore about early
Hollywood. Many of the Images are from Mr. Wanamaker's
Bison Archives. Here we're looking at a 1923 view of the
corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Cahuenga.
On Google Books:  larger view

Elizabeth Fuller's Old L.A. Postcards
Elizabeth Fuller's Old L.A. Postcard Collection is filled
with treasures.  At last look she had 560 cards.

 It's a treat to browse! Here we have the
Brown Derby in Hollywood.
 full size view

The Garden of Allah Novels
See Martin Turnbull's blog "The Garden of Allah
Novels" for lots of posts about Hollywood History.

A postcard map showing hand and footprint
locations at the Chinese Theatre.
It's from Martin's post
The Most Famous Slab of Concrete in the World"
larger card view

"Hollywood 1900 - 1950 in Vintage Postcards"
by Tommy Dangcil
Arcadia Press Postcard History Series, 2002
ISBN: 9780738520735
preview on Amazon preview on Google Books  |

A nice look east on Hollywood Blvd. in 1924. The
Hollywood Theatre is on the right. We're running
"Why Men Leave Home" with Lewis Stone. The view
is right on the front cover of this fine book.
On Google Books:  larger view

"Hollywood 1940- 2008"
by Marc Wanamaker
Arcadia Press Images of America Series, 2009
ISBN: 9780738559230
preview and buy on Amazon preview on Google Books  |

More photos and lore about Hollywood. Most of the
 images are from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives.   Here we're
looking west at Melrose and Van Ness in 1941. On the left is the
Melvan Theatre, later the Continental.
On Google Books:  larger view

"Hollywood: The First 100 Years"
If you can find a copy, check out Bruce Torrence's book,
published by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1979.

Bruce is the grandson of legendary Hollywood developer
C.E. Toberman, who built the El Capitan, Egyptian and Chinese
theatres, along with many other landmark buildings.
The book has many rare photos from Bruce's collection.
These and many more are available for viewing and
 purchase at  www.hollywood

Hollywood Heritage

Visit the organization's website for information about the
Silent Society (films, that is), current preservation issues,
the Hollywood Heritage museum, Hollywood Blvd.
walking tours and more.

The view of the Hollywood sign above comes from
the site's Preservation Issues section.

Hollywoodland - Allan Ellenberger

A 20s view of a forecourt mural from Allan Ellenberger's
2010 post "Grauman's Egyptian Theatre Mural".  See the
post for a larger view of this image as well as a 2010 view.

Allan's site features current Hollywood news as well
as research into lots of historical topics. See his
history posts  and hollywood architecture posts
for lots of wonderful items.

"Los Angeles Plays Itself"

Have you seen this? I had a rare chance to view it about
five years ago at a museum screening and have been looking
forward it to watching again ever since. Nope, it's not on Netflix.

Well, Thom Anderson's great exploration of Los Angeles
and how it's been portrayed in the movies is now on YouTube.
The film is broken down into twelve 15 minute segments.
Check it out: Los Angeles Plays Itself -- Part 1.

"Lost Hollywood"
by David Wallace -- Macmillan, 2002
preview on Google Books |  buy on Amazon  |

A view in "Lost Hollywood" of the Van Nuys Airport
dressed up for its appearance in "Casablanca." The
image is from Marc Wanamaker's Bison Archives.
On Google Books: larger view

Penny Postcards From California
Lots of fun here browsing through submissions
from many contributors.

  Shown here is a view of the Hollywood Bowl.
full size view  more hollywood  |   los angeles cards   |

Photos of Los Angeles
Vintage Hollywood views are always popping
up on Ken McIntyre's Facebook page.

Hollywood Hotel  |  Hollywood Hotel -- from the east |
| Hollywood Hotel postcard  |  Hollywood Blvd. at Highland - 1906  |

  Ken Roe on Flickr
For a real treat, browse the hundreds of great theatre
photos in Ken's Flickr album "Movie Theatres USA." 

Here is a rare view of the Pacific Hollywood
 marquee lit up in 2005.  Thanks, Ken!
 full size view

"The Story of Hollywood, An Illustrated History"
by Gregory Paul Williams
BL press, 2005  |  Google Books preview

buy the book:
| Amazon | Barnes & Noble |

   A comprehensive book on Hollywood history.
 Williams likes the personalities but there's a great
emphasis on the buildings, especially theatres and
movie studios. The illustrations are amazing.

A view looking west from Gower Street
upHollywood Blvd. from "The Story of
Hollywood, An Illustrated History"

On Photobucket: full size view

Vintage Los Angeles

Alison Martino's delightful Facebook page includes a
great number of vintage Hollywood photos in its album.

Here we're looking at a 1937 view of the Hollywood
Hotel posted on the site by Bill Caffrey. 
full size view

More vintage Hollywood views:

Embassy Club / Montmarte nightclub - Hollywood Blvd  |
| Hanna Barbera Studios -- c. 1975 |  Highland Ave. -- looking north 1953  |
 | Hollywood Market - 1960 |  Hollywood Sign -- prior to '78 restoration  |
| Imperial Gardens Restaurant - Sunset |
| Ivar Ave. -- south to Hollywood Blvd. |
Selma & Cahuenga - c. 1936 |  Sunset and Vine -- 60s  |
| C.E. Toberman in the early days -- peddling lots |
...and lots more if you go browsing!

Shown here is a nice facade detail of the Hollywood Palace/
Avalon on Vine St. by Martin from his
great website. 
full size image  | more images from this site

Take Martin's tour down  Hollywood Boulevard for lots of
terrific photos. His Hollywood home page will give you
a graphic
layout of all the buildings on the most interesting
section of the
street.  Clicking on the name of any building
will get you a photo.

Movies Filmed or Set in Los Angeles

Theatres In Movies
Our ever-growing blog about films in
which Los Angeles area theatres appear.

Film America - Southern California Movies
where movies were shot

Los Angeles Theatres Appearing in Movies
an album on our Facebook page

L.A. Times - Best L.A. Movies

"Location Filming in Los Angeles"
by Karie Bible, Marc Wanamaker and Harry Medved

Arcadia Press, 2010 "Images of America" series
buy on Amazon  -- also preview the book  |
preview on Google Books  |

A 1930 shot from Harold Lloyd's "Feet First" --

one of many great photos in this book.
On Google Books: larger view -- Los Angeles

Movie Theatres in Movies
The page on
Silver Screens has an index to information
on lots of movies that have scenes filmed in

A frame from "Last Action Hero" shot in the
Los Angeles Orpheum on the site Silver Screens.

Metblogs: L.A. Plays Itself
A series of articles abut films in which the
 City of Los Angeles plays a leading role.

Silent Film Locations
Chaplin, Keaton & Lloyd locations
in Hollywood - 1926

[ view] from a loft -- Best L.A. Movies

Wikipedia - Movies Set in L.A

Studio History

Big Orange Landmarks

Floyd Bariscale's blog visits the Chaplin Studios in
a nicely researched piece. Here we are
at the entrance.  full size view

 Floyd's blog tours the whole list of the
 buildings designated cultural landmarks by
 the City of Los Angeles.

Here's a postcard view of the Warner Studio in
Hollywood on Floyd Bariscale's blog post about the
 Site of the Filming of the First Talking Picture
full size view

Also on Big Orange:  Original Disney Studio site  

"Early Universal City
by Robert S. Birchard
Arcadia Publications

"Early Warner Brothers
by E.J. Stephens and Marc Wanamaker
Arcadia Publications
United Artists Created  |

Hollywood Studio Tour 
The page from Grace Market Research is a nice
rundown of studio history with lots of photos.

 Here we get a glimpse of the Paramount gate. 
full size image

Also from GMR: Broadway Theatre Tour

"Hollywood Studios"
By Tommy Dangcil
Arcadia Publications

"Movie Studios of Culver City"
by Julie Lugo Cerra and Marc Wanamaker
Arcadia Publications

Photos of Los Angeles on Facebook
Samuel Goldwyn Studios - 1941 |  Columbia - 1941  |  RKO - 1941  |

Picfair Sudios
Film Independent article - 2012  |  Save The Picfair  |
L.A. Times article - 2012  | more L.A. Times  - 2012  |
| slide show on YouTube  |

Bugs on the Warner Bros. lot. - 2007

photo: Bill Counter click to enlarge

Archives To Browse

California State Library: 
Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection:
Online Archive of California:

Bruce Torrence Photograph Collection:

The 1923 set for "Thief of Bagdad" at Picfair
Studios in the Hollywood Photographs collection. 
full size view

Huntington Digital Library:
UCLA Calisphere:
[part of the UCLA library and associated

UCLA S. Charles Lee Archive:

USC Digital Archives:

Photo sets and items on Flickr:

Hollywood Blvd - 1956
  Nirensteins Atlas on Flickr - GS Jansen collection

Vintage Cinemas of the World

Hollywood at the movies -- the mural on Wilcox - 2007

photo: Bill Counter -
click to enlarge

Theatre Websites

Google L.A. showtimes  | AMC Theatres  |

  | American Cinematheque  Aero and Egyptian  |

| Arclight Hollywood/Sherman Oaks  |

| Bing Theatre @ LACMA  |  Chinese Theatres  |  El Capitan  |

Highland  |   Hollywood Forever  |

  | Landmark Theatres  The Landmark, Nuart, Regent  |

Laemmle Theatres  Music Hall, Monica, Royal, NoHo and more  |

Los Feliz  |  New Beverly  | Old Town Music Hall - El Segundo  |

Pacific Theatres  Grove, Culver 12 and more  |  Rave 18  |

Regal Cinemas  L.A. Live and suburban locations  |

Regency Theatres  Village,  Bruin, Academy and other locations |

Silent Movie Theatre - Cinefamily  |

UCLA Archive Screenings  |

  |  Vista  |   Warner Grand - San Pedro  |

  |  Billy Wilder @ the Hammer  |

Studio Websites

|  20th Century Fox  |  Dreamworks  |  Focus Features  |

Fox Searchlight  |  Lionsgate  |  Disney  |  MGM  |

Miramax  |  Paramount  |  Sony Pictures / Columbia  |

Sony Classics  |  Strand Releasing  |  United Artists  |

Universal Pictures  |  Warner Bros.  |  Weinstein Co. |

Gate 4 at the Warner Bros. lot - 2007

photo: Bill Counter - click to enlarge