Galaxy 6

7021 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028 

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Opened: November 29, 1991 as the Hollywood Galaxy. It was also known as the General Cinema Galaxy 6

The presentation quality was good with 3 of the houses being equipped for 70mm.  The 3 70mm houses had Cinemeccanica Victoria 8s and were THX certified. The others had Victoria 5s.  All the theatres had curtains.

GCC went into bankruptcy and the theatre was taken over by AMC (along with other GCC properties in Los Angeles) and operated as the AMC Hollywood Galaxy 6.

The site of the Galaxy complex was once the famed Garden Court Apartments (1916), home of many stars over the years.  It had been demolished about a decade before the Galaxy was built.

Seating: 2,400 total. The three largest houses (the ones equipped for 70mm) had about 520 seats each.

Status: Closed in 2003 after difficulty competing with the newer ArcLight and Mann Chinese 6 complexes. The space now houses an LA Fitness branch.

The Galaxy in the movies:

Behind a cloud of exhaust, we get a view of the Galaxy
as Joe Pesci and Christian Slater head down the street in
Barry Levinson's "Jimmy Hollywood" (Paramount, 1994).
larger view

"Jimmy Hollywood" also gives us a peek at the El Capitan
and spends a lot of time in the then-closed Egyptian. See our
 Theatres In Movies post for more shots form the film.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Galaxy  .

The Cinema Tour page on the Galaxy has some photos from the Scott Neff collection.

Paul Rayton, currently head projectionist at the Egyptian, wrote an article about THX and the specific equipment at the Galaxy while the was the head projectionist there. It appears on the site   | part one | part two |

Cinema Photo Gallery

A night view of the Galaxy by Bob Bayles. It was on
 his vanished website
 full size view

From Script to DVD

Two views of the Galaxy that once
appeared on this now-vanished website.

Another view looking east on Hollywood
Blvd. after the theatre had closed.

Vintage Los Angeles

A view posted by Dave Nagel on Vintage
 Los Angeles with Charlie Sheen getting
his star in front of the Galaxy. 
full size view

See more of Dave's work

A 1995 look at the Galaxy 6 from
the Richard Wojcik collection.
Thanks, Richard!

The former Galaxy Theatres location in 2010.

photo: Bill Counter

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Cinema Tour

A 1997 view of the boxoffice area by Scott Neff. See the
Galaxy 6 page on Cinema Tour for more exterior photos. 
full size view

Note that here we're showing the famous GCC
red, white and blue color scheme

Cinema Treasures

A 1995 look at the Galaxy complex taken by Marcel
 from across the street. It's on the site's page
for the Hollywood Galaxy
full size view

General Cinema Memories

A night view of the Galaxy marquee by Philip Dincecco
 on the General Cinema Memories Facebook page.

Hollywood Heritage | on Facebook

A 2015 look down from the Roosevelt Hotel toward
what had once been the Galaxy 6. It's a Stan Taffel photo.
Thanks, Stan!

Silver Screens

The website Silver Screens features a two page 1999
 Los Angeles Theatres piece with photos by Don Ceppi that
explores many area theatres.

Here we're at the GCC Galaxy 6 in 1998.
Sorry,  but there aren't any larger views.