Linwood Dunn Theatre / Pickford Film Center

1313 Vine St.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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(310) 247-3000 

The Linwood Dunn Theatre at the Pickford Film Center is a plush 286 seat  theatre hosting revivals, rare archival screenings and programs related to various aspects of movie making.

This Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences facility is well equipped for all standard film formats including 70mm. The organization's headquarters is in Beverly Hills, in a building that also houses the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre.

Originally the building was
the home of the Mutual Don Lee Broadcasting System and later was an ABC production facility known as the ABC Vine St. Theatre.

The building was the headquarters for the Aids Project Los Angeles  from June 1993 until April 2001.

Architect:  Claud Beelman with associate Herman Spackler. Mr Beelman is perhaps best known for the moderne facade on the Philharmonic Auditorium Building and the design of the Eastern Columbia Building. 

Alison Martino on Vintage Los Angeles notes that the building was recently restored by Offenhauser/Mekeel Architects and offers a recent photo of the entrance.

From Script to DVD

A view showing the screen on this wonderful site's
page devoted to the Linwood Dunn.
Photo is from (and
copyrighted by) the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences.  
Also see the page for some lobby views.
full size view

This site has nice pages on all of the L.A. Theatres that
(or are) equipped for 70mm. See the
70mm Theatres & Photo Gallery.

Los Angeles Theatres

A 1973 shot looking north on Vine
from Gianpiero F. Leone's collection. 
full size view

Mid Century Modern

...and Historical Los Angeles in the '60s, '70s and '80s

A photo of the building when it was the headquarters
of the Mutual Don Lee Broadcasting System.  It was
added by Alison Martino to her great Mid Century
Modern Facebook page. 
full size view

A nice look up Vine St. in 1968.
 full size view

A 2007 view - click to enlarge.

photo: Bill Counter


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Hollywood Photographs

An undated look at the building. 
larger view

Brian McCray - Hollywood Postcards

Historic Hollywood Theatres: The Linwood   Dunn

A postcard view of the building when it was the home of the
Mutual Don Lee Broadcasting System. It's from Brian McCray's
 amazing Hollywood Postcards set.  408 great views to look at. 
full size view

Interior of the theatre as shown
on the Academy's website.

Vintage Los Angeles

A 50s view looking north on Vine. See the
full view for lots of comments about the building.

full size view

A 1969 view when the building was the ABC Vine St.
Theatre. It's yet another amazing view included by
Alison Martino on Vintage Los Angeles.
full size view 

A postcard view once appearing on Vintage
 Los Angeles as a post by Vicky Valentine.