Mann's Chinese Twin

6915 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Opened: 1979 adjacent to Grauman's Chinese, which at the time was called Mann's Chinese.

Both theatres in the twin were equipped for 70mm presentations.

Seating: 1,500 total

Status: Demolished in 1999 for construction of the Hollywood and Highland complex, which contains the Chinese 6 and the Dolby Theatre.

Stephen Stanton - Blast From Your Past

Thanks to actor Stephen Stanton for the use of his
He was a manager at the theatre in the early 80s --
 check out his Chinese Theatre page for many more
shots he took while working at the theatre.

A 1981 Stephen Stanton
photo of the Mann Chinese Twin.
They're running "Looker" on one screen with "Fox & the
Hound" and "Song of the South" on the other.
full size viewStephen's Chinese page

A look at the snack bar in 1981.

It's a Stephen Stanton photo.
larger view

Entrance to auditorium 3, a
photo by Stephen Stanton.
 larger view

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Head to the three 1981 photo pages for
many more views. Thanks, Stephen!
A look east in 1984 with "Tightrope" in the main
theatre and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"
at the 2&3. Thanks to Hoss C, who put the photo
 in his Noirish Los Angeles post #17356.
"Tightrope" ran in the main auditorium
 from August 17 through October 3.

Vintage Los Angeles

Hollywood Theatres -- The Chinese Twin

An April 1980 view by Steve Piotrowski of
 Grauman's and, on the right, its glamorous
neighbor, the Mann Chinese Twin.
full size view | on Vintage LA

Also by Steve:
  | Grauman's entrance -- April 1980  |

The Chinese style pay phones in the lobby of
the Twin. Thanks to Matthew Jones for the photo.
full size view | on Vintage LA

A lovely c. 1984 overhead shot from Richard Wojcik.
On the lower right we're looking down onto the stagehouse
and its smoke vents of the Chinese. To the left of the
 main theatre is the Chinese Twin. 
Thanks, Richard! He notes: "A bus is parked at the lower left
on Orchid Ave. close to where it meets Hollywood Blvd -- that
section of Orchid Ave. was built over with the construction
 of the Dolby Theater/Hollywood Highland Center in 2001."

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Sean Ault Collection

Thanks to Sean Ault for this February 1982 shot
of the main house running "One From The Heart" and
 "Personal Best" on one of the Chinese Twin's screens.
full size view

Another photo taken taken the same day.
full size view

Thanks again, Sean!

Cinema Tour

This view on the Cinema Tour Chinese Theatre page
by Scott Neff is of the lobby of the Chinese Twin
prior to demolition. 
full size view

Also on the site:
 | another lobby view |

Nigel Hailwood-Cooke

A 1981 view from what was then the Holiday Inn (now the
Renaissance at Hollywood and Highland) looking at the back
of the Chinese Twin and, on the right, Grauman's Chinese.
It's a photo by Nigel Hailwood-Cook.
 full size view

Hollywood Photographs

Looking west in 1978 as the framing
rises for the Chinese 2&3.

This amazing archive has many 1978-79
construction pictures of the Chinese 2&3
 including this view from across the street. 
larger view | data page

A view of the new theatres getting ready for the
premiere of "Old Boyfriends." 
larger view | data page

Also in the collection:
construction from the rear  | another opening day view |
| more 70s twin construction views |
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Photos of Los Angeles

A 1980 view from the Bill Gabel
collection looking west toward the Chinese
 Twin and the main theatre beyond. 
full size view | on Photos of LA

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