Bijou Theatre

7059 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Dates: Opened in 1971 or possibly earlier and ran at least until 1974.  Free parking! Bargain Matinees!

The Bijou was a storefront theatre running classic  Hollywood film programs, presumably on 16mm.  The theatre was located about a block west of the Chinese in the building that is now home to Author Services.

A 1974 schedule for the Bijou
that surfaced on eBay.

The building in previous incarnations has been a savings bank and the Holllywood Museum.  Cinema Treasures contributor Christopher Crouch notes that there is currently a live theatre space in the building but it's unknown if this was the storefront space occupied by the Bijou.

In the mid 70s this Bijou occasionally dabbled in gay porno. After this one on Hollywood Blvd. closed, another porno emporium called the Bijou opened on Cahuenga, initially a cinema, later just an adult book and video store.

Status: Remodeled. The building is still there.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Bijou for Christopher Crouch's research.  CT also has a page on the Bijou at 1651 Cahuenga.

The Bijou is discussed on Chuckaluck's Noirish Los Angeles post #20241 where he has several programs from the theatre.

The former home of the Bijou.

photo: Google Maps - 2011

We're looking east on Hollywood Blvd. The next block
 was the location of the ill-fated Hollywood Galaxy.
 The Chinese is beyond.

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