ArcLight Cinemas

6360 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90028

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(323) 464-4226

A 2001 vintage 14 screen complex that, along with a 24 Hour Fitness, a couple of restaurants and various other tenants, wraps around the backside of the 1963 vintage Cinerama Dome.

The complex is on two levels -- half of the theatres are up, half down. All seating is reserved with a mix of blockbusters, art fare and revivals offered. There's a nice cafe in the lobby.

Discounted parking is available in the adjacent garage.

The ArcLight in the Movies: With the big clock in the lobby, was this the inspiration for the ArcLight? 

"Do you really like movies? When's the last time you went to see a movie in a theatre?... A movie that really meant something to you?" asks Lindsey Lohan in Paul  Schrader's "The Canyons" (IFC Films, 2013).

This wide-angle shot of a theatre called "The Grand" is in
 the opening credits for the film, which begins and ends with
 desaturated views of abandoned movie theatres. The film,
written by Bret Easton Ellis, is a thriller about some sad
people on the fringes of the film business.

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And visit the Cinema Tour page for 25 photos of the complex. You'll also find some nice exterior views on From Script to DVD.   Cinema Treasures has a combined page for the ArcLight and the Dome.

The courtyard on the west side of the lobby.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2013

The south side of the lobby. The cafe
is in the raised area beyond.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2013

Up above center is the entrance to auditorium 8.
 There's a bar area on the upper level to the right.

The lobby from above.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2013

Modern Home Theatre 

There are some nice photos of the complex in the
story on this site about the
ArcLight Cinemas

Here we're looking at one of the ArcLight auditoria.
larger image

On the virtual tour of the Cinerama Dome on this site is
this view of a
speaker system installation showing the
speakers installed in a THX-style wall in
of one
 of the ArcLight theatres.

Looking east toward the ArcLight
 lobby with the Dome at the left.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2013

A lobby view. Stairs beyond go to the upstairs cinemas.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2013

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A view north over toward the gift shop.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2007

An inner lobby area. There are two --one for
the upstairs houses and another downstairs.

Photo: Bill Counter - 2013

The ArcLight complex from south of Sunset on Vine St.

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

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Public Art in L.A.

The Sculptural and Other Public Art Works
list on this site includes a page on the ArcLight
with this view of the courtyard outside
the ArcLight lobby. 
 full size view

Another look at the courtyard.
  full size view