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Danny Zale interviews Actor & Performer extraordinaire Paul Louis Harrell

Paul Louis Harrell

Actor & Performer extraordinaire... nuff' said!

Danny E Zale: Hey Paul, are you ready for your on-line interview right now?

Paul Louis Harrell: Sure what the hell!

Danny E Zale: Cool! In as little or as many words as you wish answer this, who is Paul Louis Harrell?

Paul Louis Harrell: Well it's the very long version of Paul. Paul Harrell sounds boring, and Paul Louis was taken, so I chose my full name as my stage name ... It's the 'More Than A Mouthful' approach akin to Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Day-Lewis, etc.

Danny E Zale: How long have you been a Street Performer?

Paul Louis Harrell: It will be 5 years on January 5th, 2014.

Danny E Zale: Do you make your own costumes?

Paul Louis Harrell: No. I do however make constant repairs, looking for new ways to skin the cat, with an extensive knowledge of the materials... paints, epoxies, plastics, fabrics, etc.

Danny E Zale: Do you do your own hair/make-up?

Paul Louis Harrell: Yes.

Danny E Zale: Who/what inspires you Paul?

Paul Louis Harrell: Definitely Michael J. Fox. Here is a guy who was in the first film I fell in love with Back to the Future. This guy has overcome so many odds with Parkinson's Disease and raising awareness about it. He is getting back on TV very soon with his own show in September. His courage and his will are definitely admirable, to put it into words.  https://www.michaeljfox.org/

Danny E Zale: Yes, I love Michael J.  Fox too. Have you seen his interview on Inside The Actors Studio Paul... don't get me started brother!

Paul Louis Harrell: I actually have not Danny! I will have to see his. It's always such an emotional experience watching Inside The Actors Studio. Always a great reminder of why we put it all on the line as actors in Hollywood.

Danny E Zale: Okay, what makes you happy Paul?

Paul Louis Harrell: There are many things that make me happy. The children's faces when they get to see "Iron Man" from the movies... It's a very special thing I get to share on a regular basis. Sometimes I get to take my suit to places like Ability First Pasadena to touch the hearts there. http://www.abilityfirst.org/locations/work_center_pasadena.aspx.  I love to work deep in my acting Danny; I really wish to be "Great". I want to win awards. I want the respect of my peers, I want to reach you... the viewer in your home or theater, and affect you. I have been called selfish, but that's because I want to be "Great" Danny. If I work on myself, the man in the mirror... being 'Of The Self', I can change myself into something better, and I can change others for the better. It starts from within. As my acting coach Bill Howey (http://www.billhowey.com/) told me, If I fix my personal blocks and bad habits, I in, turn, fix my acting blocks and bad habits. I love this profession, more than anything in the world. I never knew how much it would affect me spiritually. I am more happy now than I ever have been, because I chose to put it all on the line.  Acting makes me happy.

Danny E Zale: What disgusts you?

Paul Louis Harrell: I try not to focus on it because they end up winning if you pay them to much heed. However, problems do not go away if you ignore them. It's much more trouble to confront them. Con-artists, thieves, sadists, bullies and energy vampires... Nothing worse than the idea of someone being compromised and being taken advantage of or being hurt in any way, shape or form. It makes me really angry Danny. It makes the fighting Harrell blood boil in my body!!!

Danny E Zale: I've seen you in several different character roles, I like them all as they are on "the money". Do you have a favorite character(s) that you like to portray?

Paul Louis Harrell: To be honest Danny, I do not. I love them all also, however, I like to move forward. I wish to be challenged with a new role that pushes me in new directions that has me exploring new parts of myself in an interesting way. The Joker was very fun to play as I street performed the character for a year and a half and in the short film 'Tell Gordon Hello'. The character had a very, very dark side to it. God Bless Heath Ledger.  He was "Great". He worked so hard to achieve what he did in 'The Dark Knight'. He is such a big inspiration to me.

Danny E Zale: Have you ever been on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show?

Paul Louis Harrell: No I haven't. I did work on a couple skits for his show, however the skits were not chosen to air. I expect to work on his show very soon!  It's just a matter of time.
(UPDATE) Paul has since been on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Danny E Zale: Do you have a person(s) that mentored you as a Street Performer or someone on the block that inspires you?

Paul Louis Harrell: My favorite street performer is Drevon Cooks... AKA Mini T (Mr. T that is Foo!) When I first saw him in 2009, He was dressed as 'Chucky' from the film "Child's Play". It really tickles me to see how he affects people, as he is such a natural actor and comedian.

Danny E Zale: Do you work with other Street Performers?

Paul Louis Harrell: I usually work/perform alone.

Danny E Zale: Any reason why?

Paul Louis Harrell: I like to control the experience I give to individuals. I portray Iron Man, the character is such in high demand, it's hard to keep up with the crowd.

Danny E Zale: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Paul Louis Harrell: My ultimate goals in life is to raise awareness about Autism and the causes of it, and to have more video game systems in Hospitals for patients who will be there for extended times as it has been scientifically proven to ease tension and heal. I also wish to teach people about courage, as I am learning myself, to inspire others to question everything and to take a stand when something isn't right. If we wanna eat the whole whale, we must take the first bite.

Danny E Zale: In closing, what words of wisdom would you have for someone just starting out in the movie/entertainment field and/or struggling with some form of life issue?

Paul Louis Harrell: For those pursuing the entertainment industry, make sure you are an artist first and foremost. Your reason for choosing this profession must be for the love. You will need the love to get you through the hard times. The only answer after that is dedication to your craft.

For those experiencing tough life issues, reach out to your friends and talk to others about your experience and write down your thoughts. Take walks in nature to be alone and still to think. The tough times will come to an end. These tough times make us value the good times with true weight... "to thine own self be true".

Danny E Zale: Lastly Paul, this is a newly added question borrowing from Inside The Actors Studio host James Lipton... If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Paul Louis Harrell: You raised enough hell to make it here!

Danny E Zale: Well, I had fun with the interview, thanks a lot for your time and I'll see you on the block brother!

Paul Louis Harrell: 10 4 good buddy! I got my ears on!

Danny E Zale: Much love brother... I'm out!

Paul Louis Harrell: Night!

Danny E Zale:

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