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City Water Discussions

posted Mar 13, 2017, 9:43 AM by Hollywood- Rose Hill

With all the alerts about "brown water", I thought it would be good to provide some summary of the process and plans relating to City water distribution.  

The City has plans in the summer of 2017 to replace distribution lines (those generally under the streets) along Southwood, Crestwood, Hollywood and S. Gregg. The City project contact is Rhett Culclasure ( or 803-545-3400).

The City also has a overview YouTube video on the City's water system - available at:

If you want to know how to read your water meter, there is a short YouTube video ( ) on how to do that as well!

Landlord Registration Ordinance Update

posted Mar 13, 2016, 6:43 PM by Hollywood- Rose Hill

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, the Economic Development Committee (Davis, Baddurah, and Isaac-Devine) will make a report to Council regarding the Landlord Registration Ordinance and the effort to work on amendments to satisfy expressed concerns.  The report will be made at the Council meeting at 6 pm in Council Chambers. Attend if you are interested in this ordinance. You can also contact City Council members to express your opinion on this ordinance.  

Council may forward the ordinance to an upcoming meeting and schedule it for the two required votes on April 5th and 19th.  One of these meetings will also be a public hearing.

This ordinance is an effort to help us maintain a high quality of life in our neighborhoods.  

New Recyling Carts and Programs

posted Jul 24, 2015, 5:49 AM by Hollywood- Rose Hill   [ updated Jan 24, 2016, 6:32 PM ]

New Recyling Carts and Programs - Because the carts are 5 times bigger than the bins, they will be collected only twice per month.  In our neighborhood this will be the first and third Thursdays. In months with 5 Thursdays we have an extra week between pickups. 

Pickups will always be the first and third Thursdays.

The City is also happy to announce the Columbia, SC Solid Waste app. The app reminds you of your service day. The app is free for Android and iPhone users. Those without a smartphone can sign up for other notifications like email, text or landline call on the

For any of you with smartphone (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, etc.) the app developed for this works well. I use it on my iPhone and get a reminder the day before about what is being picked up.  Not sure in Google Play how to find it but in the Apple App Store you can search for “Columbia recycling” to find it.

The City understands that corrugated cardboard (most brown boxes) can fill up a recycling bin quickly, so they expect us to break it down flat and leave it beside the recycle cart. 

All other boxes (cereal, etc.) can be placed in the cart. It gets tricky here because a different crew is used to pick up the cardboard outside the cart and that crew is CALLED by the recycle crew when they see cardboard. The City employee said that there was at least 1 new crew driver who probably failed to call the cardboard pickup.

Small amounts of corrugated cardboard can go in the cart but in general if you have any quantity of cardboard, it should go on the ground.

Please share this information with your neighbors. We are available for presentations at neighborhood meetings to explain the new recycling program. Please call 803-545-3803 or email with any questions or concerns.  For other related questions, the Solid Waste phone is 545-3800.


Parking in the Hollywood-Rose Hill Neighborhood

posted Nov 14, 2013, 9:14 PM by Hollywood- Rose Hill   [ updated Mar 11, 2017, 7:20 PM ]

HOLLYWOOD-ROSE HILL is composed of compact residential streets which were designed to accommodate fewer and smaller vehicles than are present today.  Almost every structure built prior to 1950 was designed as a single-family home, with one or two automobiles.  Each home typically provides off-street parking for two automobiles.

We are experiencing an increase in vehicles in the neighborhood.  Contributing to this is the conversion of single-family homes into dwellings for up to three (the City code limit) unrelated people.  This situation leads to more parking on our streets, and can present problems for everyone.

Consideration and respect for our neighbors is important for successful living in a residential area.

 Here are a few guidelines for appropriate parking in the Hollywood-Rose Hill neighborhood:

1.    When parking on the street, park your car only in front of your home, or when possible, on your off-street parking area.  Each homeowner deserves the street directly in front of their home for the parking needs of themselves and their guests.  This can also allow each homeowner to clean and maintain the curb in front of their home.

2.    When parking on the street, please consider the sight lines needed by those who are parked in adjacent driveways – generally, do not park closer than six feet to a driveway.  This is a serious safety concern, particularly with larger vehicles parked on the street.

3.    Multi-unit apartment buildings provide off-street parking (per City code) for all residents.  Neighbors living in these structures should use their off-street parking, and ask their guests not to park in front of other neighbors’ homes.


City Customer Care Center and 24-Hour Hotline (545-3300)

posted Apr 20, 2013, 9:24 PM by Hollywood- Rose Hill

The City of Columbia is proud to announce the new Customer Care Center and 24-hour hotline at 545-3300. City residents and customers can call the Customer Care Center for City ser­vice requests and utility billing questions. Local customers can also use 311 to contact the Customer Care Center.


Customer Care Center calls will be answered by a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays, and will re­place all previously published numbers for water customer bill­ing questions, drinking water quality questions, sewer questions and hydrant flushing requests. These old numbers will automat­ically forward to 545-3300. All 311 calls made in the Midlands will also forward to 545-3300.


During City business hours, a City Customer Service Repre­sentative will take calls. After hours, a call center will answer on behalf of the City. Both will route service requests to the appro­priate City departments. A Customer Service Representative will follow up with the customer during City business hours once the concern has been addressed if the customer leaves contact information.


According to Angela Adams, Customer Service Administrator for the City of Columbia, "The goal of the Customer Care Cen­ter is to improve the customer experience by providing timely responses to inquiries and service requests related to City ser­vices." City Customer Service Representatives will act as liai­sons for City service request and utility billing customers. They will take the customer's information, address any questions that can be answered immediately, submit service requests, follow up with any City divisions that need to be involved in address­ing the concern and follow up with the customer if contact infor­mation is given.


Please contact the City of Columbia Department of Utilities and Engineering at 545-3400 or Victoria Kramer at 545-3227 if you have questions.(  If you would like to learn more about the City of Columbia’s Customer Care Center, visit

What is the Community Character Ordinance (CC1)?

posted Oct 10, 2011, 8:36 AM by Hollywood- Rose Hill

The Community Character zoning overlay (which adds to our present zoning) is designed to help preserve the existing character of neighborhoods.  It contains two provisions:

1.   If someone wishes to demolish or move a structure that is over 50 years old, and that structure also contributes to the character of the neighborhood, the action must be reviewed and approved by the City’s Design Development and Review Commission, a process which is open to public input.

2.   If a new structure is built on a newly-subdivided lot, then the height and setbacks of the new building must be consistent with the heights and setbacks of the existing homes.

Due to age and architecture, some structures in Hollywood-Rose Hill are considered contributing to community character, while some are not. (You can find out whether your building is considered contributing or non-contributing by calling Staci Richey, City of Columbia, 803-545-3328.)

Non-contributing residences would not be subject to any review under item 1.

CC-1 does not contain any design limitations, such as for doors, windows, colors, shutters, etc., on any residences – either new or existing.

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