USC Resources for Student Residents

The University maintains an Off-Campus Student Services website and employs a Community Outreach Director.  Visit their website:

for general information provided to students living in our (and other) neighborhoods.  If you need to call someone at Carolina regarding concerns or issues with students living in the neighborhood, start with Blake Weiss at 803-576-9512 or .

If you are a resident that has an issue with student neighbors that can't be resolved with a person-to-person conversation, depending on the severity of the issue you can call the police (252-2911) AND file a Student Incident Report with the USC Off Campus coordinator. Each report to USC is addressed and the offenders are contacted for follow through. 

Rental Property Related Information

Every residential rental property within the City must have a Residential Rental Permit prior to allowing occupancy as a rental unit. That application and related documents can be found within the Code Enforcement of the CIty's Police Dept. website

If you are unsure if a property is rental, call David Hatcher at 803-545-3430.

If you believe that more than 3 unrelated individuals are living in one unit (City ordinance) call Code Enforcement with the address at:  803-545-3333.

Water and Wastewater (Sewer) Issues

Columbia Water Division can be reached at 803-545-3300 to report issues with water quality, pressure, leaks, etc.

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

Columbia Solid Waste Division website  803-545-3800

Garbage collection is each Thursday and Recycling (blue roll cart) is picked up the first and third Thursdays of each month. Please places the wheels of both carts against the curb (or away from the street). This facilitates the mechanical arm to pick them up.  Also - please space both carts at least 3 feet apart so that the mechanical arm has room to reach around both sides of the cart.

 If you need a new roll cart garbage container or a recycling cart, contact the number above. 

Please break down and fold any cardboard.

If you leave your trash or recycle cart at the curb, the City's Code Enforcement people can/will ticket it.  On the third violation, the cart is taken away and a fine of $76.87 must be paid to get it back.

Leaves, limbs and large items pick-up is each Friday. Ordinance requires homeowners to separate their vegetation (yard trash) from other debris such as broken lawn equipment, old furniture, etc.

Search your smart phone app store for "Columbia SC Solid Waste" to download an app. that will remind you of the pickup dates for all the above. 

Richland Co. has 2 recycling centers that take items like tires, electronics and paint. They are located at: 

Police and Fire (Non-Emergency)

Columbia Police Department website
Dispatch: 803-252-2911

File a report ON-LINE at:

Neighborhood Officer P.D. Avery
City of Columbia Police Dept.
South Region Community Response Team (C.R.T.)
HQ 803-545-3500
Cell 803-206-3317

Property Watch by CPD

While away from home, put your address on the Columbia Police Department's watch list. The police will then check on the security of your home while you're away.  Call to request this service at 803-545-3500.

Hospitals (Non-Emergency)

Palmetto Health Richland website

Palmetto Health Baptist website

Providence website

Owens Field /Jim Hamilton Downtown Airport

If you are concerned about an aircraft flying over the
neighborhood, contact Chris Eversman, the airport manager.  Please try to note flight time before calling. 

Office: 803-931-3161 -  Mobile: 803-767-1789 


City of Columbia website
Make sure to go to the bottom of the page to see "Destination Hometown - Explore Columbia" (weekly events).  

Columbia Council of Neighborhoods website

Columbia's 311 Online Requests Service  website

Richland County website

State Government Portal website

Our State Elected Officials website

Our City Council District III Official website

Neighborhood Zoned Schools

AC Moore Elementary website

Hand Middle School website

Dreher High School website

Animal Control

City of Columbia website

Animal Mission website 

803-776-PETS (7387)



League of Women Voters resources


Building Permits

The City of Columbia requires permits for construction of a new building, shed, deck, fence, driveway or additions or renovations to existing structures. Small repairs, installation or replacement of heating and air condition units or systems, plumbing and electrical fixtures, demolition or moving of any structure require permits. Contact Building Inspections at 803-545-3420 for help. Their offices are located at 1136 Washington Street, and you can find helpful brochures or talk to the staff about permits, building plan review, inspections, and zoning issues.  Visit the website 

Buried Lines/Pipes

Call Before You Dig (PUPS) 888-721-7877
It is your responsibility to contact the Palmetto Utilities Protection Service (PUPS) at least 72 hours before you plan to do any digging on your property. PUPS will notify gas, electric, water, cable, and phone utilities to have them locate their underground lines on your property. Visit the website.

Zoning and Planning 

A yellow sign is issued when a property owner wishes to reclassify their property for a different use. A change in the zoning of property will permanently change what type of residence, business, or industry can be built. The yellow signs indicate a public hearing will be conducted by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Visit the website.

A green sign is also issued when a property owner wishes to reclassify their property for a different use. The green signs indicate a public hearing will be conducted by the Planning Commission. Visit the website.


Community Character Ordinance (CC1) website

Code Enforcement website

Contact Ms. Joby Williams @ Code Enforcement with your questions/issues at 803-737-5034 or 803-239-8896 (cell).

FAQs on various Code Violations (scroll down to CODE ENFORCEMENT section) at:

Pet Licensing within the City

Complete List of all Columbia ordinances


AT&T support website 

SCE&G website 
Call the numbers below or report online.

  • Emergency
    • Downed/sparking power lines
    • Gas leaks
  • Non-Emergency
    • Power outage
    • Streetlights & outdoor lighting

Spectrum Cable support website


Richland County Public Library Main Branch website  803-799-9084

Other Numbers

County Graphitti Removal Service  803-576-3468
City - Front Yard Parking Violations  803-545-3333
         Roll Cart Violations  803-545-3430
SC Information Highway website

Neighborhood Businesses (803)

Publix  806-8839
Rosewood Market   765-1083
Rosewood Diary Bar   252-1662
Rockaway's  256-1075
Pizza Man  252-6931
Dano's Pizza   254-3266
Cock n' Bull  251-4474
Main Moon - 251-8990
Utopia   782-8522
Foxfield Grille   728-0420
Steak Mart  799-2909
The Local Buzz 602-5166
Crust Bakehouse