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Use the button below to make a secure contribution to the Neighborhood Association using PayPal as the processor. You can use a credit card OR your PayPal account.  In addition you can also fill out and email a  
Neighborhood Contribution Form (instructions in form). The Council agreed to set a contribution of $25 to support membership in the organization but we are appreciative for any amount. Contributions are tax deductible given our status as a 501(c)(3) organization. Thank you to the several residents who contributed significantly more than this! 


You may also mail a check (payable to HRHNA) to our treasurer at: 

Georgianna Graham

101 South Gregg St.

Columbia SC 29205-3201


The neighborhood's email distribution list: is used for important safety, civic and social topics and for neighbors to make inquiries of other residents regarding topics of interest.  Look at the bottom left of this webpage for the heading Discussions (left sidebar) and click on "View Conversations" to see what has been posted. You can request to be added there or by emailing: .

HRH has a Facebook page!  Visit the HRHN Facebook Page and ask to join the group. Another means of sharing with the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Association (HRHNA) elects a Council of 5 officers and up to 12 additional members each January.

  • HRHNA Council meets at 7:00 pm the first Wednesday of most months, except July (or August) and December.  Meeting locations are posted in the Calendar (see left-side links).
  • Minutes of the HRHNA Council can be requested by emailing the neighborhood's secretary.
  • HRHNA By-Laws

HRH Council 2018

Council Offices  Name  Address  Email
  President Alisa Wolfram    110 S. Saluda Avenue  
  President Elect
 Guy Jones   103 S. Edisto Avenue 
  Past President  Lynn Shirley  303 S. Saluda Avenue
  Treasurer  Georgianna Graham  101 S. Gregg Street
  Secretary  Kerry Fulton  1727 Maplewood Drive 
 Dell Amick
 1810 Heyward Street 
  Councilmember    Amy Austermiller  1613 Crestwood Drive 
 Dewey Ervin      1722 Hollywood Drive
  Councilmember  Chuck Lesser  309 Fulton Street  
  Councilmember  Kathyrn Luchok   325 Southwood Drive 
  Councilmember   Gina Crosby-Quintatoa
 125 S. Bull Street
 David Reddy
 200 S. Saluda Avenue 
  Councilmember   Linda Lanctot  115 Southwood Drive


  2006 Beth Herron 1993 Gibbie Porcari
 2018 Alisa Wolfram 2005 Lisa Walker 1992 Lynn Shirley
 2017 Lynn Shirley 2004 Sam Waldrep 1991 Wilson Sims
 2016 Alisa Wolfram 2003 Bob Daley 1990 Janet Katz
 2015 Kathryn Luchok 2002 Lisa Winn 1989 Marilyn Knight
 2014 David Reddy 2001 Kerri Faulds 1988 Chuck Lesser
 2013 Margaret McGee 2000 Gwynne Goodlett 1987 Jack Quillen 
 2012 Georgianna Graham 1999 Kris O'Neill 1986 Alan Guignard
 2011 Guy Jones 1998 Melanie Rankin-Maas 1985 Beulah Flynn Brazzell
 2010 Zach Kelehear 1997 Mary Gilkerson 1984 Beulah Flynn Brazzell
 2009 Georgianna Graham 1996 Susan James 1983 Bob Hahn
 2008 Beth Bilderback 1995 Mary Gilkerson 1982 Jim Daniel
 2007 Beth Bilderback 1994 Sam Waldrep 1981 Tate Horton