USC Campus Village and our Neighborhood

The new Campus Village is open, along with adjacent Bates & Bates West property. Together they house approximately 2750 students, with 1800 residents in the new Campus Village dorm buildings. 

The University and the City have coordinated to have a code enforcement officer available in the Campus Village area from 10pm-2am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Issues occurring during that time (parties, parking issues, code enforcement violations) should call 839-228-1295.  During other times, issues should be reported to appropriate City numbers (police at 803-252-2911, code enforcement at 803-545-3430).  USC is putting a lot of faith in their Incident Reporting webpage, so even if you call Code Enforcement, Police, etc. please use their webpage (link below map) to log you concern.  

USC Parking Plan: Campus Village Options


Should you have issues that related to students, use the following to report the details. 

USC also maintains a webpage for off-campus students with pertinent information.