Historic Houses Grant


The Hollywood-Rose Hill (HRH) Historic House Project is designed to educate, document and celebrate the history and charm of our neighborhood, one of the oldest intact neighborhoods in Columbia. The grant research and document up to 91 HRH homes in the neighborhood. This activity is open to all HRH homeowners with homes older than 50 years.  As of February 19th we have 77 approved applications. If you are considering an application we encourage you to get that in soon (application below). 

If accepted into the program we will: 1) pay a researcher to document details of your home's construction, 2) pay 50% of the cost ( equal to $85) of a high quality historic house plaque containing: a HRH logo, date of your construction and (potentially) information on architect, builder, kit home style and 3) create a color brochure highlighting HRH historic homes. The HRHNA committee will approve all plaque information and documentation. The brochure will be shared with Historic Columbia and used to supplement Historic Walking Tours conducted by Dr. Chuck Lesser. These tours will be free of charge and available to residents of any neighborhood. 

The historic house plaques will look something like the one below. If you are interested in submitting an application

You can download the application form here. 

Once the application is displayed, use FILE ---> Download As 


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