HRH Celebrates the 4th

Yes - it was hot but we had a good crowd to celebrate our country's independence.  Thanks to HRH president Linda Lanctot and councilmembers that helped make this event happen. Special (yearly) thanks to Dick Goodwin for his entertaining and inspiring trumpet contributions. 

City of Columbia - Water Infrastructure Projects

At the January 27th, 2019 Annual HRH meeting, City officials distributed information about planned upgrades to the water supply lines in various parts of the neighborhood.  Those plans (as contained in a 3 page flyer) can be found at:  2019-2020 Water Infrastructure plans.

Historic House Project -  Phase 2

The neighborhood council was awarded a grant for phase 2 for our Historic Plaques project.  Our grant can fund 25 more houses. We current have a list of 17 who have applied  (as of July 3, 2019). If you are interested in this project, send an email to:

The brochure created from the phase 1 participants can be found here: Historic House Plaque brochure - Phase 1

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