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The map below represents the proposed additions to traffic devices (stop signs and speed humps) made by the City for our neighborhood. Residents in the area of the proposed speed humps have been surveyed for their input. In the case of the 200 block of S. Pickens, residents have requested that a speed hump not be placed in that block.


A question raised at a recent, scheduled monthly HRH Council meeting has led to the council revisiting a lighting survey completed about a decade ago. The map accessed with the link below is our current working knowledge of where streetlights are contribute to the lighting of streets, sidewalks or there areas in the immediate vicinity (i.e. we did not try to locate safety lights located in the back yards of residents). The council is using the time before the 2021 Annual meeting in late January to solicit edits to the map for the purpose determining where additional streetlights might be needed and wanted. We acknowledge that some residents do not want a streetlight in the vicinity of their home. You may email your streetlight comments to the slightly illogical email address of: hrhdir@gmail.com 


Contributions can be made through this website or checks made out to the neighborhood association (HRHNA). The neighborhood association doesn't technically have "dues" but we suggest those who want to support our activities make a $25 contribution on a yearly basis. There are no activities, benefits or events that are exclusive to those who contribute but you do allow us to continue and improve the neighbor via "welcome signs", sign toppers on street signs, improvements to the park and to help fund neighborhood events.

The map below represents the proposed additions to traffic devices (stop signs and speed humps) made by the City for our neighborhood. Residents in the area of the proposed speed humps have been surveyed for their input. In the case of the 200 block of S. Pickens, residents have requested that a speed hump not be placed in that block.

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Georgianna Graham

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PARKING AND TRAFFIC ISSUES * * Feb. 23, 2020 meeting

About 50 people were in attendance for the meeting. HRH president Guy Jones chaired the meeting. Introductions were made. Tim Frier (Pinewood) raised the question about what happened to the petition signed by Pinewood residents and forwarded to the HRH Council.  Council believes/thought/assumed that City engineer David Brewer had it but Brewer had no record of it.  Pinewood residents said they would re-validate the request and send it to HRH Council for approval and forwarding to the City.


The key comments during a “spirited discussion” were:

·      Corner of S. Gregg & Heyward problematic due to parking configuration. Unfortunately, local residents have had unkind notes, etc. left on their vehicles.

·      Why can’t the neighborhood council meet at the church each month.  Response: not fully explored but the council has always paid the church for use of the facilities. Might be cost prohibitive.

·      Tim Frier brought up section 12-14 of City code (see: https://library.municode.com/sc/columbia/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=COOR_CH12MOVETR_ARTIINGE_S12-14PLST) as to why S. Gregg and S. Saluda can’t be designated as “play streets” as well as S. Waccamaw by AC Moore.

·      The City should do another traffic study of the entire neighborhood (counts, speed, etc.)

·      City councilperson Will Brennan encouraged attendees to voice their support for fully funding the Public Safely budget in the upcoming City budget cycle.

·      We should enlist USC’s help with, in particular, the parking problem since much of it is from either commuter students or student inhabited rentals. Jacquelyn Fox offered to be a liaison on this issue.

·      Can the City use camera (or other assisted) technology to enforce speeding, running stop signs, etc.

·      Can the speed limit be lowered to 20mph in some/all of the neighborhood?


After meeting add-ons:

·      Speed hump – 100 block of S. Marion

·      What is the procedure for requesting sidewalks and how does the prioritization take place?


Items from the meeting that were supported either totally or by the vast majority were:


·      #1: Request better enforcement of all ordinances (speed, stop signs, parking, yellow curbs, etc.)

·      #2: Request stop signs at every 3- and 4-way intersection (knowing that the City will not want to install stop signs at each of these intersections). Encourage neighborhood feedback to the City on alternatives.

·      #3: Request a neighborhood-wide 25 mph speed limit.

·      Request better “speed limit” signage.


Maps were distributed among those in attendance and were marked with specific locations where solutions or issues were seen. Those will be compiled into a single map but the comments can be summarized as:


·      Ask USC to create USC shuttlebus stops along Rosewood Dr. to service students living in Rosewood Hills and adjacent rentals near Rosewood Dr.

·      3-way stops at: Maplewood @ S Gregg, Pinewood @ S. Gregg (2), Pinewood @ S. Edisto, Kiawah @ Etiwan, S. Bull @ Southwood, S. Gregg @ Hollywood, S. Gregg @ Tugaloo, Pinewood @ Fulton, Pinewood @ S. Pickens

·      4-way stops at: S. Edisto @ Tugaloo, S. Waccamaw @ Kiawah, S. Pickens @ Hollywood, Southwood @ Hollywood, S. Saluda @ Kiawah, Southwood @ Crestwood

·      Proposed “residents only parking” on: S Edisto between Pinewood & Rosewood, on S. Gregg between Hollywood Park and Pinewood

·      Need a sidewalk on the south side of Kiawah between S. Waccamaw and S. Edisto

·      Richland 1 School District should purchase narrow vacant lot on Rosewood @ S. Waccamaw for parking

·      “Residents only parking” on S. Bull – 100 block (Heyward to Crestwood)

·      100 block of S. Bull – yellow curbs & speed hump need repainting

        ·     100 block of S. Bull – potential parking only on east side

Notes taken by Lynn Shirley, HRH Council secretary (2020)   - last updated 28-Feb-20

The following document was prepared by the HRH Council from information given by the City. This information was distributed prior to the meeting.

Summary of Traffic & Parking Safety Survey

Beginning in the fall of 2018 the neighborhood council collected concerns regarding our streets, traffic, parking, sidewalks, cross-walks, etc.  That summary has been forwarded to the City's Traffic Engineering Department. This, and an earlier Parking Guide document can be accessed below.  

 Parking Concerns forwarded to the City (March 2019)

HRH Parking Guide 

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