HD Google Apps

Google Apps are a grab bag of business applications that can be purchased and run over the Web for just $50 per year. Google Apps is just one of many Google products now giving Microsoft a run for its money.

The Hollywood Design development of Google Apps for various websites has been underway since 2007.
 Marketing can now be taken to the next level by a Google Apps-based website publishing engine.

The cost for SEO talent is on the rise ... so what is one to do? There are small things that can be done to improve organic search rankings, 
like links exchanges between sites. However, we have engineered a new 
competitive edge for our clients.

What Does the HD system do ?

The Google Doc (see video) Mega Menu and the SEO module that it works with is a Web App designed to drive traffic to client sites. The App publishes and updates websites with substantial amounts (300+ pages) of relevant content (as defined by  search engines Google & Bing). The Google Docs "feed" the site, enabling writers to write directly into the website with original content on the subject categories of the Mega Menu just by clicking "save." These pages are instantly published to the client's site. Menu subjects are determined by keywords and keyword phrases that have substantial search volume and/or high levels of commercial intent. The pages that are created by the Apps can include slide shows and videos, as well as all manner of third-party and Google embeds like maps, forms, and widgets. The resultant page is a " Mega Mashup.

One key advantage of the App and recent milestone is being able to embed  MIVA shopping cart products into the system (MIVA merchant has 200K installed shopping carts). When clicking the "Add to basket" button the MIVA product embed on the page goes DIRECTLY to the checkout page for payment thus eliminating steps and minimizing "shopping cart abandonment."


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